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Free Up Counter Space with These Small Kitchen Organization Ideas

If kitchen space isn’t under your control, it cannot be easy to cook and prepare food. It’s one thing if you’re living with roommates or family that won’t allow for kitchen improvements, but you can still take steps to make things easier on yourself. And less likely to cause a kitchen explosion. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to feel overwhelmed by the lack of organization in their kitchen. 

Whether your pots and pans are strewn across your countertops or you’re frustrated because you can’t find what you need, this blog post will give some ideas on how to create order in your kitchen. A cluttered kitchen can be a huge chore to clean up after, especially if you’re short on time. 

Fortunately, there are many easy ways to organize your kitchen to make it easier for you to find what you need and get the job done faster. Here are ten ideas that might help. Here are ten Concrete kitchen countertops organization ideas.

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  1. Use a rolling cart as an instant kitchen island
  2. Spice racks for kitchen organization
  3. Use kitchen wall shelves 
  4. Maximize vertical storage
  5. kitchen caddies to store frequently used items
  6. Cabinets for kitchen organization

Use a rolling cart as an instant kitchen island

It gives you additional counter space. The cart provides you with storage options where before there was none. Perfect for pots and pans as well as soft goods, like kitchen towels and dishrags. Not to mention that a kitchen island looks chic, especially when the cart is upholstered or has wheels with motion in mind.

Spice racks for kitchen organization

If you have just a small kitchen, consider using your wall space for kitchen organization. One way to do this is by installing a series of narrow spice racks on a wall where they won’t get in the way of activities happening in the kitchen, like cooking. You can use these tiny spaces to store frequently used spices, oils, and vinegar. As well as some canned goods if space allows. This visual kitchen organization idea leaves plenty of countertop space open for prepping food without worrying about accessibility to what you need to store and use.

Use kitchen wall shelves 

Another kitchen organization idea is to take advantage of kitchen wall space. It’s the least-used space in a kitchen, so why not make it work for you? Even if there isn’t an empty wall available, you can create kitchen organization with s wall shelves as an alternative to taking up precious counter space like white kitchen marble countertops. 

These shelves are perfect for storing appliances that don’t easily fit anywhere else. As your coffee maker or blender, also goods and plates and cups. They’re also ideal for displaying special kitchen items like cookbooks and serving platters, which will give your kitchen instant personality and charm.

Maximize vertical storage

Keep by maximizing vertical storage with narrow kitchen cabinetry. Install kitchen cabinets that are just deep enough to hold plates or kitchen dishes. Then, load them up. You’ll be surprised how much kitchen organization you can get out of under-the-counter kitchen storage this way.

kitchen caddies to store frequently used items

If there’s no room in your kitchen for kitchen organization ideas like a spice rack or kitchen wall shelves, consider using kitchen caddies instead. These handy baskets are great for storing smaller items like utensils, small cooking appliances, and tea bags. And they’re even ideal for organizing loose change if counter space like white kitchen marble counters is limited in your small kitchen.  Just set them on the countertop where everyone can reach them when needed. Everything has a home in your kitchen when you’re using kitchen caddies.

Cabinets for kitchen organization

Kitchen cabinets aren’t just the place where you store kitchen items that are “out of sight, out of mind.” You can utilize kitchen cabinet space by storing small appliances inside them on hooks or magnetic strips. Tired of having to take up drawer space with your blender? Hang it on the front of the kitchen cabinet door, so it’s right at hand while you cook.


Whether you are looking for kitchen organization ideas or tips to declutter your home, we have compiled a list of 10 ways that can help. One simple idea is using an inexpensive rolling cart as a makeshift kitchen island. Spice racks also work great in small kitchens and save space because spices take up less room than cans or jars. Maximize vertical storage by storing items on the highest shelves possible. 

And use caddies to store frequently used items like spatulas, whisks, measuring cups, etc. Open shelving may seem foreign at first, but it can be quite functional if done right. It’s worth considering open shelving when you need to maximize storage without taking away too much visual appeal from the room. 


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