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Top 5 B2B Websites in 2021 – You Should Definitely Use

Setting up an international trading business is not an easy task. Especially, for small and medium sized businesses, which do not have the funds run full fledge marketing campaigns, running such a business operation can become quite tough. 

However, with the advancement in technology, which has made communication, transportation and even manufacturing much better and faster, even medium and small sized businesses now have a great chance and opportunity to trade internationally. Especially, if you talk about the recent digitalization, which has helped so many industries to become more productive, the influence of digitalization on international trade is simply, amazing. 

Normally, trading organizations used to face a lot of trouble and issues while searching for buyers and sellers to trade with however, with new and improved b2b websites at disposal, searching and finding buyers, sellers, wholesalers, manufacturers and other trading organizations, has become quite easy. 

Over the years, there have been a number of b2b websites, which have made international trading quite easier for trading organizations across the globe. Here are five of the most used and popular b2b websites in the world in recent times, which you should definitely use, if you are someone, who is trying to setup your international trading business.


Alibaba is one of the most renowned names in the b2b industry, across the globe. It can easily be known as one of the very first b2b websites, which started this industry. Alibaba offers its users a highly protected trading platform, which provides its users with access to millions of buyers and sellers, across the globe. Alibaba not only bridges the gap between buyers and sellers to bring them closer but in fact, it is a well-known fact that some of the most renowned brands and business organizations are now trusting Alibaba for conducting their international trading businesses. This website provides a wide range of products to its users. From electronic products to toys and life style products, you can find anything and everything on Alibaba. This b2b platform is known for its highly low rate suppliers, who are willing to deal in bulk volumes. 


Amazon is one of the biggest b2b websites in the world. Known as one of the pioneers in this industry, Amazon was founded in 1995, with their focus only on selling books online. Over the years, Amazon started turning into an e-commerce giant. Nowadays, Amazon is one of the most trusted online marketplaces in the world. Amazon is a b2b platform and it is now also one of the most famous platforms for b2c as well. With an extensive collection of goods and products, Amazon is a platform, which can easily provide you with products from any given category, which you can think of. Amazon is known for its trust and its ability to deliver goods in the fastest way around the globe in the least amount of time taken. 


eWorldTrade is a relatively newer as compared to the giants mentioned above. However, it is safe to say that this b2b website or platform is one of the fastest growing b2b websites in the world. With millions of buyers, sellers, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, vendors and suppliers, this virtual market place is the provides the perfect opportunity for all those medium and small sized businesses to start and setup their international trading businesses easily. This amazing virtual market place is extremely user friendly, allows users to make use of a variety of features, which makes international trading much easier than it is in actuality. Furthermore, this virtual market place is AI-powered, as it is integrated with a AI-powered chat bot, which helps the users to use this platform in the optimum way. Moreover, this emerging giant in the b2b industry is famous for its amazing customer care, which has been known for its professionalism and its ability to provide satisfactory answers to every query by the users. 


As the name suggests, this amazing b2b platform was also founded in China. With their focus on providing an unrivaled shopping and trading experience, Made-In-China is recognized as one of the emerging stars in the b2b industry. This virtual market place, not only provides access to thousands of buyers and sellers across the globe but in fact, they are known for their amazing creativity, which has allowed them to create one of the most amazing and user friendly platforms in the b2b industry. They offer a wide range of products to trade with and the prices are also some of the lowest, which you will ever see in the industry. 

Global Sources

Global Sources is one of those names in the b2b industry, which is known for its unmatched services as far as quality of services is concerned. It is a b2b company, which offers its users with a comprehensive platform for international trading, tools and features, which help users in making better and more informed decisions. Global Sources is famous for offering an extensive range of products and goods to all the buyers and sellers using this platform.       


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