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Interior Designers Share Their Design Guilty Pleasures

Guilty: Yet happy!

We may have been criticized for our choices, whether for a T.V. show, a movie, or maybe our dress. We are guilty. Yet don’t give up. The reason is the pleasure we experience.

Instead, I would say why to feel guilty about what you have decorated your house with. This thought of guilt should not be allowed to enter the mind. It’s your house; decorate it the way you desire to. If designing your own home decor write for us gives you pleasure, go ahead. There is no need to follow principles and stay up to date, for that matter.

Even if it has any loopholes in it, till you are happy to see that you are surrounded by the things that give you pleasure, it is your home and not something that needs to be posted on social media. So feel free to style the way your heart wants it. Everyone has their unique taste. Appreciate the one you have! No need to change it or even modify it for anyone.

Designs that made me feel guilty yet felt pleasure:

Painting and portraits:

We generally feel that our house should have pictures on the wall of familiar figures. There is no such rule. Break it! Decorate the walls of your house with the paintings that fascinate you. It may or may not even have proper symmetry or may have wired and abstract figures. Just put them on the wall surely that we grab the attention of the people who visit you Home interior write for us

Think out of the box:

You may have seen people putting rugs and mats on the floor. How about using them instead of texture on the wall! You can even use upholstery instead of wallpaper.

If you have been using curtains for a long time, switch on to using old silk sarees instead to decorate the windows. It will give a unique look. Have you thought of it? Give it a try! It sounds astonishing, but that’s fun!


Have you tried a makeover using all the new things in your house? You can use old mugs, cans and bottles to create shapes of different creatures and wisely place them in your little place. I have known someone who very smartly used the image of horses on the bath towel as a wall painting. Isn’t it fascinating!

One of the clients asked the designer to create a unique art form on one of his ceilings. This place was for his leisure time. The client came up to the designer, handed a carpet of pashmina silk, and said he could reuse it. The wise designer used it on the ceiling of the room. Initially, he felt a little guilty, but the owner felt immense happiness seeing the way the carpet was used.

Natural beauty:

Beauty brings smiles! When designers have to face the wired demands of the clients, they indeed have to do a lot of brainstorming. So there was a person who asked his designer to create a garden in the living room. The size of the living room was just enough to palace the sofa appropriately.

Putting the garden in, it was next to impossible. Finally, on seeing the look of the living room, the client was spellbound. The designer created a vertical garden and also provided an aquarium concealed in the wall. Though the idea initially did not fetch many likes but gradually drew the attention of many.

Disadvantages of being bold and enjoying the pleasure

While it is fun to create new things. But at the same time, it can turn disastrous.

While decorating that’s totally out of the box, it may turn out to look awful. You may have to redo it. In that case, we end up spending more time and money. You may get exhausted by the end and create clutter everywhere.

If not appreciated, it lowers self-esteem.


Everything has its pros and cons. One should always try hands on the things people can’t imagine. It gives satisfaction. The guilty pleasure should always be more welcoming. People may not appreciate your decor. Keep doing it for your happiness. It’s your home decor write for us.


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