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Configure WiFi Setting Of Tplink Deco M9 System For Enhanced Range

The wireless network range essentials for every home & office. Because all work is done online, it is very important to have a wireless network. If you wish to enjoy seamless wireless network connectivity in all rooms of your house then you install a powerful & strong WiFi system. To access high-speed network connectivity in all the rooms of your home, you can install the Tplink Deco M9 system. Because this system is very capable & stronger. The network connectivity is stable & secure. Every client device easily & effortlessly accesses the wireless network by using a single password. The network connectivity of this device absolutely eliminates the WiFi dead zone and delivers whole-home Wi-Fi coverage. With this system, you can get a seamless experience surrounding the home.

Additionally, the coverage of the M9 whole-home WiFi system is up to 4,500 sq. ft. This system works with 2 units then delivers ultimate network coverage. If you wish to enhance the coverage then you can simply add more mesh units to this system. To enhance the network coverage & range you should configure the advanced setting. Just visit the login and then completely configure the advanced setting of this device.

How to configure the WiFi setting of the Tplink Deco M9 System?

The Tp-link wireless whole-home system delivers high-speed network connectivity in all corners of your home. Then, with the network connectivity of this device, you can easily & effortlessly access the wireless network connectivity in all corners of your home. But many times the network signals get weak in this system, due to which the user is not able to do his essential work online. If you do not configure the WiFi setting then obviously the network connectivity is slow or interrupted. To enjoy fast & secure network connectivity you should configure the WiFi setting. But the question arises of how to configure the WiFi setting of this device. Then the answer is by using the deco app you can easily & completely configure the WiFi setting.

Configure WiFi Setting Of Tplink Deco M9 System

The WiFi setting of the Deco M9 unit is most important to properly & simply enhance the network range. If you wish to configure the WiFi setting in a quick way then you should install the deco app on your iOS or Android device. After that, you can simply configure the setting of this device.

Download the deco app on Android & iOS device 

To properly & easily configure the Wi-Fi setting, you should download the deco app. Without the deco app, you cannot configure the setting of this device. Before installing the deco app, you can connect your iOS or Android device to high-speed network connectivity. By using a single password you can easily connect your mobile phone to the network. Then, go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and search the deco app. After that, you can install it in a quick manner. 

the deco app account

After downloading the deco app on your android or iOS device, you can open this app. Then, the sign-in page is shown on the screen of your mobile phone. Just tap the sign-in option and it asks for a username & password. You can put the username & password in the available field and properly log in and sign in to the account. Then, accept all terms & conditions that are prompted on the homepage of the app. You can add the deco unit in the deco app with the add device option. 

Configure the Wi-Fi setting of the deco unit 

After adding the deco unit in the deco app, you can go to the Wi-Fi option. Now, the Wi-Fi setting page is pop-up, you can view all settings. Additionally, the deco p9 firmware update is easily updated by using this app. In the Wi-Fi setting, you can enable any network in the following network. To enhance the network range, you should enable a 5GHz network with the 5GHz network. Then, you should configure the network name(SSID) for your WiFi system. You can also change the name by using this option. Also, select the security to properly secure the network. You can select WPA2-PSK security in the drop-down list. 

If you wish to share the network with your guest then you should enable a guest network. You should also configure the security key to properly secure your network. After configuring the WiFi setting of the Deco M9 WiFi system, you can click the apply option and properly save this setting. 


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