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How To Install Amplifi HD Wireless System By Using App?

In the modern home, wireless networks have become very important for all people. Because with network connectivity we can achieve anything. With the network connectivity, you can do online work, watch movies, kids play games, entertain, do online shopping, & more. But every person thinks the network connectivity is reliable & more constant. The mobile phone network connection is not stable & secure. If 2 devices are connected to this network connectivity, then the network signals become slow. To enjoy seamless & high-speed network connectivity, you can install Amplifi HD wireless system. Because this system is absolutely designed for the whole home. You can use this system in your home & access network connectivity. The network signals are more reliable & secure than the mobile phone network connectivity. The network connectivity of this system accurately covers all the rooms of your home.

The 802.11AC network technology is built-in in the Amplifi mesh WiFi system. This technology completely allows access to the network of the multi-device. At a time multi-device easily access the network without any hassle. Sometimes, the network connectivity is slow because you do not configure advanced settings. You can use amplifi.lan and certainly configure advanced settings. After that, the network signals amplify and you seamlessly enjoy a wireless network in any room of your house. 

Hardware installation of the Amplifi HD Wireless System

The Amplifi WiFi system delivers whole-home network coverage & you can access the network in every room of your house. If you really wish to access the network then you should install the WiFi system. Because without installation, you cannot get the wireless network. If you wish to install the wireless system by using the App then you should hardware install the system. You can easily install the WiFi system with the following package content components. 

In the hardware installation of the WiFi system, you have to connect the modem to the WiFi system. To connect the modem to the WiFi system, you must power off your modem if it is turned on. After this, you have to place your internet modem near the wifi system. Now, you can take a working & properly Ethernet cable. Then, use both ends of this cable and verify the LAN port. In this system, the LAN port is situated on the back panel. You can smoothly & carefully plug this cable into an available LAN port of your internet & WiFi system device. After that, you can connect the power cord to the Amplifi system as well as the internet modem device. You can smoothly hold the power button and turn ON the power on both devices. Now, the hardware installation process is over and you will surely install the network device with the App.

Install Amplifi HD Wireless System By Using App

After installing the Wifi system, you can easily install it with the App. The App installation is very simple & easy. To install the system with an App, you can connect the mobile phone to the network.

Connect the mobile phone to the network

Before installing the app, you ensure your mobile phone is securely connected to the network. If the mobile phone is not connected to the network then you should quickly connect it. To connect the mobile phone to the network, you can visit the setting of your mobile phone. In the setting of your mobile phone, you can tap the network option. You have to verify the name of your network and then select it.  After that, you can enter the password in the password field. You can click the connect option and securely connect the mobile phone to the network connectivity. 

Install Amplifi App in mobile phone

You have to install the app after your mobile phone is connected to the network. You can easily install the app by scanning the QR code. This code is available in the manual of this system. You can use this manual and properly check the QR code. Then, you can scan the QR code and properly install the Amplifi. Additionally, you can also install the app by visiting the Apple App Store. Then, the app is installed on your mobile phone. You can open the app and log in to the account by using the password & default login username. 

Amplifi HD wireless system installation with App 

You can accept all terms & conditions by tapping the tick option. Now you have to verify the add device option on the app page. You will find the option of Add device in the top right corner of the app. As soon as you click on the option of the device, a list of many devices will be shown, out of which you have to select your WiFi system. After selecting your wifi system will be successfully connected with the app. To install the WiFi system, you can tap create the WiFi network & password. You can enter the unique network name in their field and also enter the password in the password field. After that, the wireless system will emit a sound that means the installation is complete.

After connecting the WiFi system to your mobile phone, you can remotely operate the WiFi system anywhere. You can also follow these ways and easily install the WiFi system by using the app in a quick manner. This install is very simple & effortless than the wired installation. 

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