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Why Lenovo is the Best Laptop Brand

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Every year Laptop Mag hands out awards to the top and most inefficient companies in the world of mobile computing.

For the second year in consecutive years The magazine has given Lenovo the honor of being named the The Best Laptop brand.

However, over the past year Lenovo’s products have received an unprecedented 10 Editor’s Choice Awards from the Mag that leaves no doubt that it is the top company in the market.

What is it about these laptops that experts are so fond of? How did they climb the ranks and beat the top players such as Apple as well as HP? What makes Lenovo’s laptops more superior than others?  Buy New and Refurbished lenovo g550 laptop online in India.

Here are a few items that have earned Lenovo the top laptop manufacturer name.

  • Innovation
  • Affordability
  • Battery Life
  • Design
  • Free Shipping

Table of Contents

Consistent Innovation

Anyone who is a power user will inform you that over the last couple of months, laptops have become substantially more efficient.

The graphics of their games are superior to ever before. They’re getting powerful processors. Most importantly they’re becoming smaller and simpler to transport.

No other company is leading the laptop revolution as well as Lenovo.

If you want to see an excellent illustration take a look at the E-Ink Panel found on the Yoga Book C930. This keyboard with a screen can be changed from a traditional keyboard illustration pad, and even an electronic reader… everything with the push of an arrow.

As people who enjoy seeing companies make strides forward We love seeing things like that.

However, their new models don’t compromise on power, either. The lenovo thinkpad l440, has the NVIDIA GeForce GTX and up to 1TB of storage , all while being just 3/8 ” thick.

How they managed to accomplish this feat isn’t clear. However, we’re very thrilled about this (and curious to know what other innovations they’ll release in the near future).


One of the major issues with laptops is that they’re costly particularly if they’re made to be used for gaming.

In the end, it will cost quite a lot to build mobile computers with hundreds of gigs of SSD storage, and a graphics card that is able to handle images as fast as the games throw them.

However, Lenovo shows us that laptops don’t need to cost you $3k. Lenovo offers a selection of gaming equipment available at less than 2 grand. You can purchase the price of a Chromebook however, it has the capabilities of the Microsoft Windows desktop.

The ThinkPad X1 Extreme is perhaps the most effective model. The laptop is priced at around $1600 and offers nearly every rival a run for its price.

However there are some models that are less expensive. The Legion Y530, to mention one, sells for less than $850 and can play for hours with no wear out.

This company recognizes that not everyone is able to spend the amount of a car to purchase a computer. They’ve responded by creating products that are top-of-the-line and reasonably priced and we’re grateful for it.

Long Battery Life

We’re constantly searching for the laptop that has the longest battery time.

Although there are a few competitions however, the latest Lenovo ThinkPad X1 is definitely towards the top.

Based on the type of work it’s carrying out depending on the type of work it’s doing, this computer can operate for up to 13 hours with no slowdown. If you’re making use of it for everyday tasks (typing or browsing, etc. ) it can last for about 15 hours.

It’s not common.

It’s also a big sale for those who use our computers with us on the go and do be unable to connect the power source.

With the majority of Lenovo laptops you don’t need to think about charging for more than half of the day.

Stylish and Sturdy Designs

Aesthetics are crucial. We tend to overlook that.

It’s possible to have the fastest laptop available but If it’s a big and dated computer It’s not going to be comfortable.

Lenovo recognizes this. They’re the reason they have some of the most beautiful laptops on the market. The sleek and stylish designs show that computers can deliver a premium experience , and also look stunning as well.

However, they aren’t small computer systems. The fact that the IdeaPad series appears like a car with a titanium coating for instance, it does not mean that it’s less durable. They’re sturdy machines designed to fit in your backpack and carried to the highway.

If you’re looking for something that is more durable, Lenovo has you covered. Its ThinkPad Ultrabook is one of the most durable laptops available currently available. Its tough, plastic shell is like a piece of gymnasium equipment rather than a laptop casing.

Free Shipping

Apart from producing some of the top laptops available and selling them at the lowest prices, Lenovo also offers free shipping on all purchases and returns.

In general, you’ll need to shell out minimum $15 to get a laptop delivered to you. However, Lenovo saves you a couple of dollars by paying for it for themselves.

If you reconsider your decision or find an error… the company will help you ship the item back.


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