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Configure Network Settings Of Amped Wireless Router Instantly

The Ampe router is the most advanced & 802.11Av technology high-speed wireless network router. It delivers the fastest wireless network signals in the entire home. The network connectivity of this networking router is strong because the dual-band network is built-in. The dual-band network accurately increases the network range. Although, the 4 Antenna-RX Technology is equipped with the Amped Wireless Router that extends the network coverage & delivers more reliability. The strong & more reliable network connectivity completely eliminates the WiFi dead zone in your home. Then, with the network of this wireless router, you can securely access the network connectivity in the available point of your home. By using the wireless connectivity of this device, you watch favorite UHD shows & videos without any buffering or lagging.

Moreover, the Ethernet wired connection is possible with the Amped dual-band WiFi router because the three Ethernet ports are available in this router. Then, you can securely & completely design a wired connection with this wireless router. To enhance or maintain the wireless network in the whole home, you should perform the setup of this device. By using, you can easily & efficiently perform the wireless setup in an easy way.

What is a network setting & how is it necessary for an Amped Wireless Router?

The Amped WiFi dual-band router delivers fast wireless network signals in all rooms of your house. But sometimes, the network connectivity becomes slow, then the user cannot watch your favorite show. To maintain the network signals, you should configure the network setting. The network setting accurately manages the weak network of this device. To access high-speed signals on multiple devices, you should configure the network settings. The network settings are most important to properly enhance the network connectivity in the whole home. In the network setting, many settings are involved. These settings are as follows:

  • Local Area Network setting
  • Internet network setting
  • Bridge mode
  • Advanced setting

Configure Network Settings Of Amped Wireless Router

To get the high-speed wireless network signals you should configure the network setting of this router. To configure the network setting of this device you can follow some steps.

Network setting: Local Area Network(LAN)

The LAN settings are for your local network only and do not apply to your Internet / ISP connection. In the LAN setting of this router, you should configure the IP address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, DHCP, DHCP Client Range, & more. To configure the LAN network setting, you can open the launch web interface on your computer that correctly connects to the network. Then, you enter the default IP of this device. This IP absolutely redirects on the login, you can log in to the account through login credentials. In the LAN setting, you should configure the IP address. You have to also configure the Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, & DHCP server. After that, click Apply changes option & accurately save this setting. 

Internet Network(WAN) setting

The basic setup wizard will help you in setting up your Internet connection to this router.  However, in the case that you wish to arrange settings manually, the options on this page provide you with the tools to do this simply. In the WAN setting of this router, you can select the internet connection types from the drop-down list. For a stable & constant internet connection, you can select the static internet connection. Under the automatic internet connection, the Internet provider will assign your router an Internet IP address automatically. This setting accurately maintains the network range & delivers high-speed network connectivity. 

Bridge Mode setting Of Amped Router

The network Bridge setting completely creates a connection between two separate networks wirelessly. This setting Bridge connects to a Wi-Fi network of the current network and delivers wired connections to expand the network further. The Network Bridge network setting does not create different Wi-Fi networks to connect to, it only gives wired connections to increase a network. To enable the Bridge mode setting, you have to click the checkbox titled Enable Bridge Mode. Next, you have to choose a Network (SSID) to connect to wirelessly. If the network has a security key, enter it in the Security field.

Advanced setting of Network setting

The advanced setting allows enjoying a wireless network anywhere in your home. Under the Amped WiFi dual-band router, you will find the advanced setting option. Just click this setting and properly enable the UPnP option in the following option. On the advanced setting page, many options are presented. But you have to select this option. After that save the advanced setting. 


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