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Configure Wireless Setting Of Tplink 4G Mobile Router In Simple Way

The Tplink Mobile Router is specially designed for mobile phones which gives a wireless network to all types of mobile phones. In modern times, everyone has a mobile phone, and all the apps in the mobile phone work only with simple network connectivity. If your mobile phone is not connected to the network then you will not be able to enjoy any app. To enjoy all streaming, gaming, web browser, & other apps you have to connect your mobile phone to the network connectivity. For the mobile phone, you can use Tplink 4G Mobile Router. Every mobile phone easily & securely accesses the network connectivity in this router. Although, this is a small & pocket router. With which you can take anywhere and access the wireless network in your mobile phone.

Moreover, the 4G SIM card is installed in the mobile router. By using SIM cards it delivers network connectivity. With this router, you seamlessly enjoy 150Mbps downloading speed. Additionally, the smart signals indicator is built-in on the front side of the router that provides information about the router.  This mobile wireless router completely works with a rechargeable battery. If the battery is installed then this device does not turn ON. 

Why is the wireless setting important for the Tplink 4G Mobile Router?

The network connectivity of the mobile router is more secure & stable. At times, more than 8 mobile phones easily access the network connectivity. The network coverage is boosted because the Beamforming technology is available in the device. By using MU-MIMO technology seamlessly supports multiple devices at the same time. But in the middle the network connectivity is interrupted & weak then the user cannot access high-speed network connectivity. If you want to keep the network connectivity stable and maintained, then for this you have to configure the wireless setting of the mobile router. The wireless setting is important to enjoy stable & fastest wireless speed.

How to configure the wireless setting of the Tplink 4G Mobile Router?

The wireless setting accurately manages the network connectivity & also enhances the wireless network signals. By using tplinkmifi. net you can simply & effortlessly perform wireless settings in a simple way. Here are some steps to configure the wireless setting of the mobile router.  

Wireless setting of the mobile router

If you wish to configure the wireless setting of the mobile wireless router then you have to open a web browser on your computer device. But to ensure this device properly connects to the network connectivity. By using the default IP of the mobile router, you get the login page. You have to insert login credentials & properly log in to the account. In the option of this device, you have to choose the wireless setting. Under the wireless setting, you have to enter a 32 character network name in the available field. You have to choose the transmission mode according to your wireless devices. Also, select the channel bandwidth. In this setting, enable wireless router radio & SSID Broadcast. You can click the save option & properly save the wireless setting. 

Configure wireless security

The wireless security setting is also important to properly secure your network from various types of hackers & outsiders. In the wireless option of the mobile router, you have to select the security option. If you do not want to use wireless security then you will get a disabled security option, just click on it. If you wish to use security then disable this option. You have to select the security version & also select encryption. Enter the wireless password in their field. You can select the version, encryption for WPA/WPA2- personal security. After that, save this security setting by using the save option. 

Mac Filtering setting configure

In the wireless option, you have to elect the wireless MAC Filtering option. If you want to enable the MAN+C filtering then you can click the enable option & properly enable the MAC Filtering. The wireless station’s MAC address that you want to filter with the mac address option. The status of this entry is either Enabled or Disabled by using the status option that is available on this page. If you wish to modify the address then click the modify option & accurately modify the address. In the end, click the save option. 

Wireless advanced setting configure 

In the wireless advanced setting of the tp-link mobile router, you have to configure the transmit power. In the following option, you have to select optimum power. You also have to select Beacon Interval in the drop-down list. The beacons are the packets sent by this device to synchronize a wireless network. You have to enable WMM or short GI by using this option. To save this setting, click the save option. 


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