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Ultimate Steps To Configure The Tplink Wireless Access Point

If you wish to access long-range coverage in your home & office then you can install an access point device. Because the coverage of the access point device is better than that of the router and extender. With this device, multiple client devices can access the network and enjoy the network anywhere in the whole house.  The access point enables the 802.11n Wi-Fi network that is the fastest wireless network. Additionally, the 2×2 MIMO technology is built-in that allows getting network connectivity in multiple devices at a time. Access point devices are available for many devices, but you can use a Tplink wireless access point for high-speed signals. The wireless network signals of this device are more secure & stable than the traditional router & range extender device.

Moreover, the design of the tp-link access point is sleek & unique. Besides, the size of this device is small but the network connectivity is stronger. The smart signals indicator light is built into this device. The LED Control function includes a Night Mode for peaceful sleep. To enhance the wireless network signals & amplifi the network connectivity, you have to configure settings. By using you can easily & securely configure all settings of this device.

How to configure the Tplink Wireless Access Point?

If you have to do your essential work on your laptop device then you need to connect your laptop device to the network connectivity of the access point. The access point device completely supports many devices. But to access high-speed network connectivity in your device you should configure this setting in a proper manner. To configure the access point is most important to access high-speed network connectivity. Here are some steps to properly configure the access point device. 

  • Configure the user account
  • Controller setting
  • Configure the system time
  • Reboot & reset the access point device
  • Backup & restore the configuration

Different steps to Configure the Tplink Wireless Access Point

If you wish to configure the access point device then you should configure the following setting. These settings are as follows:

Configure the user account

Every top-link access point device has a user account, which is used to log in to the management page of the EAP. When you start the access point device for the primary time, the username and password of the user account are both admins. On the homepage of this device, you have to click the system option. Then, click the user account option in the following option. You have to input the old username and old password of your user account. Specify a new username and a new password for your user account. You can also retype the password in their field. In the last, click the save option to properly save the user account setting. 

Controller setting

To make your controller adopt your access point device, make sure your device can be discovered by the controller. The controller settings of this device allow your AP device to be discovered. In the setting of the access point device, you can select the system option. Under the system option, you have to click the controller setting. Under the controller setting, you have to verify the connection status. If it is disabled then you have to enable it. After configuring the controller setting, you have to click the save/apply button and properly save this setting. 

Configure the system time

The System time is the standard time for Scheduler and other time-based functions. The access point device supports the basic system time settings and the Daylight Saving Time (DST) feature. To configure the system time, you can go to the setting and select the system time setting. With the date option, you should set the date. Properly configure the time by using their option. If you wish to enable the Daylight setting then tick the enable option & properly enable it. In the last, you can click the save/apply option. 

Reboot & reset the access point device

In the access point setting, you have to select the reboot/reset option. To reboot the access point device, click the reboot option, and this device will be rebooted automatically. To reset the device, you will find the reset option. Just click the reset option and your device accurately reset. After that, you can again configure the access point. This is the easiest way to perform the reset. After that, the Tp-link wireless dual-band access point device p[roperly configured & network signals securely enhance it. 


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