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1 – Discover the Live TV streaming football site: the editor’s choice

If you like to enjoy football nights with your friends or family, know that there are various easy ways to enjoy these moments. Indeed, with Live TV for example, it is possible for you to watch your football matches in free streaming. Live TV is one of the best live sports streaming sites today. It is possible to watch all your football matches live on the platform.

However, this is not its only field of application since it is also possible to follow reruns of certain matches if you had missed them beforehand. In order to better enjoy the highlights of each match, the site shares the live score as well as the video archives of the match. As for its broadcasts, you will be able to follow various competitions, namely matches of the UEFA Champions League, the Premier League, the Bundesliga, Serie A as well as Ligue 1.

Also, please note that if you are keen on US sports, it is possible to enjoy major NHL and NBA events on your Live TV site. In order to allow its users to follow its streams for free with an average or high quality, the site works with P2P technology.

Another advantage of using this free streaming site is that it is possible to access its streams at the same time as many other users without any difficulty. And if you want to discuss the match live, you will have the opportunity to do so in the comments with several fans around the world.

2 – ATDHE: the best streaming site to watch football for free across the Atlantic

There are many US sites online where lots of sporting events are shown. Among them, ATDHE is one of the best streamers who broadcast football matches. It is a website that benefits from a minimalist flow.

In a nutshell, once you have access to the homepage of the site you will be just a few steps away from your matches. Note that its use is prohibited in the United States and the United Kingdom due to its free access as well as differences in broadcasting rights.

However, it is possible to access it in various countries within the European Union. An important point to know is that the broadcasting mode used by ATDHE is not based on direct streaming. In addition, the site is not a standalone streaming football platform.

Thus, you will have to be careful since no feed is hosted on a platform. As soon as the referee whistles the end of the match, the link generated to watch the match disappears. In a nutshell, ATDHE is a platform that provides links to other third-party streaming platforms.

It is on these that you can enjoy your live broadcast. As soon as you are connected to the site, you will only have to choose the desired flow by clicking on it. In the event that your choice does not work, you have the option of clicking on another link to follow your match.

3 – Watch football for free in streaming on the European platform: Rojadirecta

Today, even if you miss a live match, it is possible to have precise information on some platforms. This is the case of the RojaDirecta site which allows you to have information on the schedules of upcoming matches as well as the score of matches that you have missed.

As soon as you access the site, it is likely that in addition to the broadcast details, you will find valid links to access streaming football matches. One of the first advantages of this site is that it saves you from incessant advertising, which is the complete opposite of many other free soccer streaming sites out there.

Note that for smoother operation in order to offer average quality during broadcasts, the RojaDirecta platform offers real-time automatic updates. You will no longer have to adjust the time on your device or perform Google searches to make sure as RojaDirecta will take your location into account to automatically adjust the clock.

In addition, he will offer you meetings with excellent timing. The downside here is that the platform doesn’t offer past matches or a schedule for upcoming matches within the main repertoire. However, you will have the opportunity to download full matches if you wish.


As such, streaming websites are illegal to watch in some countries like the USA. We recommend reading website reviews just like biztech age publish Reviews.

4 – One of the best free streaming football site alternatives: the SportLemon platform

If you are looking for a site offering streaming for all kinds of sports, the SportLemon platform is what you need. It defines itself as being the 2.0 tool in the field of live. Through this site, it is possible to share free links to access various sporting events such as football.

Thanks to its simple and precise format, much appreciated by users, you will be able to directly consult the scheduled sports matches which are divided by section. Know that each section includes a discipline namely football. Also, you should know that the SportLemon platform offers live broadcasts for the majority of major championships.

Among the advantages conferred on users, one of the most important concerns the fact that each user can define his preferences on each sport discipline. This will make it easy for the site to provide you with videos and feeds that might meet your needs. In short, SportLemon offers daily updates regarding all matches. The downside here is that it is possible sometimes that you come across links leading to sources that are not always reliable.

5 – Discover the best free football platform for streaming in French

By accessing the site, you will be able to stream all your football matches without exception. Know that you can experience real thrills in real time with your family or friends on your device. Whether during major championships such as Premier League, Ligue 1, etc. you will be able to watch your stars played on this platform.

One of the advantages here is that the streaming offered by the site will be in French. Once on the site, you can directly follow your matches for free. Thus, you will not have to subscribe and even less to commit yourself before you can experience with your loved ones the magic and intensity that emanates from the parts of the round leather.

As soon as you have access to, you will be able to follow the matches of the 5 various major leagues, the matches of the Champions League and those of the Europa League for free. You will be offered a presentation of the calendar of the various football championships on the site. In this way, you can organize yourself according to your availability and your preference. Note that it is possible to enjoy re-broadcasts of matches in certain cases. 

6 – Hahasport: best English free football streaming site

With the Hahasport platform, you will have the opportunity to watch great football matches on the platform without subscription or commitment. Once on the site, you will be able to enjoy many videos of sports types with excellent quality and without any restrictions.

Know that this is the perfect opportunity to see each of the major meetings to come in the various championships. Taking into account the last transfers of mega stars like L. Messi, S. Ramos arrived in the Parisian capital, League 1 offers itself a place of choice in the hearts of football lovers around the world. Note that on the Hahasport platform, it’s not just football that you will watch streaming.

You will also be able to see other sporting events such as tennis tournaments such as Wimbledon or the London Masters. You will also be able to vibrate in front of regular season matches and NBA play-offs. Another important point with the platform is that it allows you to be aware of the evolution of the matches as well as the scores.

7 – Discover the captivating platform: the free streaming football site

One of the references today to follow football matches in streaming without paying anything is FC Stream. Indeed, the English platform is setting up a system to allow sports lovers to experience unforgettable moments in front of their devices. It will be possible for you to follow football matches, more precisely, all the major championships in Europe.

Whether it’s La Liga, Ligue 1, Premier League matches, you can follow each match live on the site. Also, please note that the site includes a chat forum that will allow you to discuss with other users on the progress of the meetings.

To do this, you will simply have to leave your comment on the site’s chat like other users. Finally, be aware that you will also have the opportunity to follow matches from other disciplines, namely rugby, basketball, Formula 1… Although FC Stream is an English platform, it is possible to come across matches offered in French.


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