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Challenges Faced By Students In Online Education Scenario [Causes & Solutions]

Several educational institutions have been offering the facility of online learning to their students. The concept was initially introduced to eliminate the hurdles students face in their academic journey, especially those located in remote areas. Then, people with part-time jobs also adopted this form of learning as it seemed to work for them. However, ever since the pandemic hit us, online education has been the only safest possible way of learning throughout the world. And, rightly so!

This is one of the biggest reasons digital education has attracted global attention and lured students into learning. You get to attain your degree without physically marking your presence in a classroom. Infect students can also pursue writers just by searching a query to write my essay for me. How cool is that!

While virtual learning has transformed the study scenario by making things more flexible, it accompanies a set of challenges. Some of the common ones are:

  • Poor internet connectivity
  • A lack of technical understanding
  • Absence of intrinsic motivation

Multiple issues act as a barrier in the online education setup.

In this post, we are going to discuss these concerns. Furthermore, we will also suggest practical ways of addressing these problems and how to overcome them. 

Problems Students Face With Online Education: How To Tackle Them?

Today’s world is completely moving to online, as education is also affected by this transform. Now, students are studying online and completing their projects by own, but when they have mistaken somewhere to complete them, they moved online and get help from professionals to rewrite my essay. Let us jump in and discuss all the major problems that make online learning seem like a bad idea. Also, we will be proposing possible solutions to deal with these issues.

Problem #1: Difficulty In Time Management

Since the concept of online learning is fairly new to most students, they struggle with managing their time. Digital education is quite different from traditional classrooms, where teachers usually take care of a strict schedule.

The flexible digital learning environment comes with its own set of challenges. Thus, students have to be mindful about how they spend their time.


Preparing a timetable would be a good way to start! Learning how to manage time requires consistent efforts.

  • Along this journey, make sure to cut off all the distractions that kill your time instead.
  • Having a to-do list for the day keeps you on track and helps you adhere to a routine.
  • Prepare a specific schedule for your online classes, and allow yourself time for quick breaks in-between.
  • Multi-tasking might be killing your productivity. So, It is important to focus on one task at a time. 

Problem #2: Inadequate  Digital Knowledge

In the 21st century, everything is handled digitally. Although youngsters are quick to catch up on technical knowledge, there could be times when a child cannot manage things by themselves.

The online education scenario includes using multiple apps and software such as MS office, Zoom, PowerPoint, etc. However, students are sometimes clueless about using them. Not only that, they have to log in, keep up with the live classes, prepare their tasks and submit them, communicate with their peers and the teachers.


Tackling this issue requires the complete support of school faculty. The tutors must come forward to offer support services. This includes providing support through chat, email, phone, etc.

Further, teachers can instruct the students about submitting the files, logging in to the classes, and other issues.

Problem #3: Adapting To A New Learning Environment

Digital classes have replaced the traditional classroom setup. This means the entire learning environment has transformed, and so has the way of learning.

This has been creating issues among a lot of students. They find it hard to adapt to the virtual classes and accept them openly. Digital learning takes off the excitement of being on campus. It also alleviates engagement and interest.


The best solution to this issue is offering a customized learning experience to the students. What does that mean?

Closely assess the strengths and weaknesses of every student. This evaluation helps in improving the overall learning experience. Tutors get to understand the specific needs of every student and address them. Further, build a highly interactive e-learning experience. This includes introducing study materials in the form of exciting videos, quizzes, etc.

Problem #4: Technical Problems

Accessing online classes requires strong internet connectivity. However, many students are not equipped with it. Also, there could be other mechanical issues, including; incompatible browsers, unresponsive operating systems, an issue with the smartphone or PC, etc.

The concern increases, especially while attending the live classes. A slow web connection or other technical issues is highly likely to ruin your online education experience.


It may seem obvious, but having a high-speed internet connection is absolutely necessary to facilitate the overall experience. Also, check for other technical issues and rectify them at the earliest.

In case the internet speed persists to be an issue, it is best to go for pre-recorded educational sessions. Make enough space in your system to download and save the study material.

Problem #5: Absence Of Self Motivation

The idea of digital learning can only be successful when a child is self-motivated. After all, the academic journey is already full of challenges!

This is a major area where most of the students lack. Hence, there has to be enough motivation to work on the tasks. Further, introduce them to an engaging learning experience.


In this situation, the tutors need to accommodate themselves well with this new concept of online education. Only then would they be able to help students through the challenges involved with virtual learning.

Another way to overcome this issue is by creating a learning plan and sticking to it. Do not stop yourself from taking breaks. This is a good way to maintain productivity.

Moreover, keep a positive attitude towards your e-learning journey. It is your chance to expand your knowledge and achieve better results in your academic life.

Final Thoughts

Online education is an interesting concept, which has become quite popular after the COVID outbreak. Virtual learning eliminates the traveling time and lets you study from the comfort of your home. However, there are several challenges that both students and teachers face with this new concept of learning.

We hope this post helped you overcome the challenges you might be facing in your digitally-driven academic life!


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