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Is It Ok To Monitor My Teen With Mobile Tracker App Without Him Knowing?

All my life I have been trying hard to be a cool mom. It was kind of my motto to be one of those mothers who practically are like friends to their children. There must not be any filter or reluctance in the relationship and I am glad I was doing a pretty good job until things started to change. 

I wanted it to be real from both sides. It was not like I am only bragging about how understanding I am while my kids are suffering alone trying to please me. It was a real thing and my most favorite accomplishment as well. But as soon as my eldest hit the teenager it was like things are upside down. Nothing was the same. 

She was quieter around us and there was even a time I didn’t even know what is she thinking or what is most recent in school life. I am not sure but if this is the teen thing everyone warns us about them, Am sorry I am not ready for it. 

For a while I was hopeful that this can be just a momentary phase and things will go back to a normal routine after some time but it was just my mere hope. Things slowly started to get worse. There were unannounced friends nights out,  frequent school skipping, and the worst he failed one of her tests. It was the first time. For a moment I saw my old little girl who would have cried her eyes out of she got fewer marks than expected. But it was just a for a second. Suddenly her phone rang and she was back to her new normal. 

That was the moment I decided to jump the line. The line that I never thought I would cross as I thought I will never need it. I have listened to many parents discussed mobile tracker app use so I got one called OgyMogy. 

It was a tough call but I made it and am glad I did it because many future incidents were dealt with very well all thanks to the OgyMogy spy app.

  • The use of spy apps as parental control is a great help for parents to assure the wellbeing of teenagers.
  • It is just one way to keep your child under your eyes in the modern world.
  • Mobile Tracker can keep an eye on the smartphone activities of the teen without her knowing. The screenshots and short recorded videos keep me posted about the time spent on smart gadgets.
  • Real-time whereabouts alerts with GPS location tracking features are really handy to find out if your kid is habitual of skipping school. The app lets you know about the seven-day history of the movements as well.
  • Name the social media app and you will find the relevant monitoring feature in the spy app. You can know who they are dating with the tinder spy app or who is commenting on their Instagram feed more frequently. The OgyMogy spy app even lets the user know about the instant messenger chat app activities of the kids.
  • Keeping the child safe and taking care of their mental health is the responsibility of the parents. The Mobile Tracker made it easy for parents to know what kind of website their children are visiting.
  • Use the web filtering feature and block any useless, sexual, or triggering stuff from your teen’s web browser.
  • You can track the bad company of your kid as well with the listen-to surround feature. The mic bug will let you listen to all the chats and discussions happening  around your kid’s device
  • My kid had a habit of keeping a journal. She still has but it is digital. Thankfully with the keystroke logging feature, I can know about all the keypad activities of the target.
  • I even found out about a serious matter thanks to the OgyMogy mobile tracker. Someone was trying to blackmail her and was sending her a threatening message on her instant messenger chat spy app. With the spy app, we were able to timely help her and track the culprit as well. Don’t worry about the auto vanished feature as the app keeps the record of even deleted conversations for the user. 


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