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Hybrid Events Philippines Movement: Interesting Virtual Team Building Ideas In 2021

The hybrid events Philippines movement is one of the great ways to design engaging and creative ideas that would benefit those involved. Some of these are virtual team-building activities, helping distant groups that work jointly in experiencing growth and progress.

But before we begin, let us first know what virtual team building is. It entails cultivating a sense of camaraderie and community among members of a team. They must be accountable to one another and respect each member for this squad to work effectively.

All About Virtual Team Building

In an organization, the entire body will benefit from virtual team-building activities. These include the team members, managers, clients, and executive leadership. As a whole, everyone gets to enjoy and foster community to form an efficient work culture. That’s what hybrid events Philippines trend do.

When in-person interaction is limited, it is inevitable for other members to get discouraged or lose motivation. Therefore, find time to give importance to virtual team development activities.

But what can make it successful?

Well, your virtual team building requires the right tools and creative technology, such as a survey platform, mobile app, business communication tool, and virtual streaming provider.

Invest in having an accessible and convenient connection with the rest of the team. Look for an interactive display provider in the Philippines that has an impressive track record. They will help you make the event successful and meaningful.

Also, this is the same in creating an engaging and memorable virtual sales rally. So do not hesitate to join the hybrid events Philippines movement today.

Here is a list of some virtual team building activities you can try:

1.      Create a team study session.

It helps the whole team concentrate on professional development. Ask your team whether they want to have complete training on something or study together for a certification exam.

2.      Conduct entertaining quizzes and polls during the meeting.

In the hybrid events Philippines trend, members are encouraged to participate in interactive polls by giving them a voice wherever they are. This is usually done beforehand or during the event.

So, keep the meeting fun and engaging by adding quizzes and poll questions throughout the discussion. You can use a mobile app for larger team assemblies.

3.      Utilize mobile app gamification.

Enjoyable games are also a great way to bring excitement and keep your team involved using their mobile app. It is up to you to decide what games would be fun and relatable to the whole team.

4.      Set a board game night for the team.

With the help of a virtual streaming provider, play a game that will allow the participation of each member. Then, divide the teams and let the respective groups formulate plans separately. Just make sure the mechanics are easy to learn and practice. 


In this digital era, the hybrid events Philippines movement became a solution when almost everyone is going virtual. Today, we can have online conferences and Zoom meetings even in the comfort of our homes. But these activities might impact our team’s performance and attitude too. That is why virtual team buildings are a great way to promote a sense of team community. Ask assistance from Waveplay Interactive for more interesting ideas.


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