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Main Tera Hero’s Music Review

The music of Main Tera Hero is an instant hit, with many songs becoming chartbusters. The songs are well-written and sung by Benny Dayal, Wajid, and Evelyn Sharma. Director David Dhawan’s film also features Abhimanyu Shekhar Singh, Ileana Dcruz, and Anupam Kher. But one thing is for sure – the soundtrack is a mess.

While it’s a cliche, the plot is actually inspired by a Telugu movie called Kandireega, in which Varun Dhawan plays a corrupt police officer. Seenu must decide between two beautiful damsels, Ayesha and Sunaina, because he loves her more than anyone else. The movie is a love story between a man and a woman and about the bonds of love and loyalty.

Despite being a romantic comedy, the movie will also feature mindless humor. While Varun Dhawan’s character, Seenu, falls in love with Sunaina, he’s chased by her dad and Peter. Both of them are stalking Seenu and his devoted love, and the two eventually end up battling each other. The film’s production team is led by father and son duo David Dhawan.

Although Main Tera Hero doesn’t have a great storyline, it is packed with fun and silly moments. Its songs are catchy and the action is bouncing. Regardless of what you’re looking for, you’re sure to have a good time. The film has a lot of promise for the future. However, it is not likely to make box office history. While David Dhawan and Arunodaya perform wonderfully, the film falls short of being an all-star vehicle.

In the past, Dhawan’s films have had a strong comedic presence. In this case, the comedy in Main Tera Hero is so wacky that it’s not funny at all. The film’s music, meanwhile, is equally unfunny. The film isn’t a serious drama, but it does feature a number of memorable characters. The music, as well as the sarcasm, is an unexpected bonus.

The soundtrack of Main Tera Hero is a huge highlight. While the film isn’t overly serious, it is very entertaining and has a great comedic cast. The slapstick humor is refreshing. While it may have overshadowed some other Bollywood movies, Maintera Hero is still an entertaining and hilarious film. It’s a very funny and lighthearted comedy, and it has a very high quotient of humour.

The movie is a good romantic comedy. The slapstick humor of the film is very humorous. The film’s plot is based on a true story, and the characters have very different backgrounds and personalities. But it’s still a decent romantic comedy. There are a few clunky lines, but the overall tone is a bit off-kilter, but the dialogues are mostly slapstick and the performances are great.


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