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Cocaine Withdrawal Treatment – Managing Risks and Cravings

In 2012, a survey was done by the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration), which revealed that close to 5 million persons, aged 12 and above, abused cocaine. That was then; just imagine what the numbers will be now!

The figure is staggering enough to all of us who worry one of our loved ones may be abusing this drug to look for a good rehab center, like Daylight Detox, as soon as possible so that they are able to recover and reclaim their life.

Cocaine risks

Users of cocaine complain of various risks, such as:

Usage of cocaine is dangerous and quite damaging to the body. In another DEA report, in2011, about 50K people had to be rushed to emergency rooms due to the complications related to the use of this drug. 

Withdrawal from Cocaine

Knowing its high number of side effects, many users try to get rid of the habit. But the severity of cocaine withdrawal symptoms prevents them from following their resolve through, and almost all of them relapse. That is the reason it is so strongly suggested by doctors that this process must be done under the supervision and monitoring of qualified professionals, preferably in a rehab setting.

There are many factors that affect the severity of cocaine withdrawal symptoms. These are:

  1. How long the user has been taking cocaine.
  2. How many times does the user take this drug?
  3. The potency of the drug.
  4. The method through which the drug is taken, like smoking, intravenously, etc.
  5. The mental and physical condition of the user.

How to Manage Cravings

Many users undergoing cocaine addiction get cravings, but there are many ways in which they can manage and control these urges. Some of these are:

Types of settings

The detoxification process is a tough road. It can happen in two types of settings:

  1. Inpatient: if the user does not have an ideal atmosphere at home to achieve and maintain abstinence, they can look for this type of care.
  2. Outpatient: this type is ideal for those who have a safe and supportive environment at home with zero access to drugs of any kind.

Whatever the type of setting, each treatment plan looks at initiating and maintaining medical detoxification and combining it with mental health therapies so that the user is able to strengthen their body and mind in unison. That way, once the treatment is over, the person is able to live a normal, enriched life without any kind of drug dependence.Learn more about Daylight Detox by visiting the website:

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