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Timeless jewellery items that every woman must own

Every woman is fond of diamonds and jewelry. Many of them invest in some amazing pieces time and time again while staying up-to-date with the latest trends. So, if you are eager to update your jewelry box, you can purchase timeless jewelry. You can ensure that this jewelry never goes out of style. They will be perfect accessories no matter what the occasion. You will be able to flaunt them even if the trends keep updating. Whether you wear a gold necklace or diamond bracelets, you can attain them in various styles at top-notch quality. But if you are still baffled about buying jewelry, read on to know which timeless and classic pieces you must own.

  1. Sophisticated gold necklace: Gold pendants come in a variety of styles. Well, some prefer a simple gold necklace whereas others prefer it like a pendant. Some of the styles include bead or ball chain, Figaro, rope chain, Spiga, etc. In a bead or ball chain, there are tiny beads that are closely linked together. You can pick the thickness as per your personal taste. If you like wearing the necklace as a pendant, you can purchase the box chain necklace, which is popular among women. Figaro style is also a great option for a necklace. It is composed of an alternating design of flattened links. The rope chain necklace is adored by many women who wear pendants. The patterns appear to be similar to that of a rope. Several women love Spiga or wheat chain necklaces. This necklace looks similar to a soft braid. Due to its intricate pattern, the wheat chain is very popular and comprises a stylish look with or without a pendant.
  2. Solid gold hoop earrings: Hoop earrings are a popular classic and timeless jewelry. You can elevate your outfit and look chic with these pairs of earrings. They come in different sizes and styles. The sizes of the earrings impact your style greatly. Moreover, the hairstyles and face shape determine which size suits you best. You will find small, medium and large hoop earrings. Small hoop earrings are best for everyday wear as they are subtle, elegant and eye-catching. If you have medium to long hair, these earrings are a great choice. When it comes to medium-sized earrings, they are versatile pieces and flatter all face shapes. They look gorgeous with all hair lengths and hairstyles. Whether you wear dressy or casual outfits, they can be paired well with these earrings. The large hoops are a perfect choice if you want to make a fashion statement on any special occasion. They look best with more angular, wide and elongated face shapes. You can wear them with any hairstyle, especially the pulled-back hairstyle. With the large hoops, you can draw maximum attention to the face.

Beautiful diamond bracelets: Diamond bracelets are timeless jewelry items that suit every occasion and personality. You can pick bracelets that incorporate different diamond shapes such as pear-shaped, round cut, princess cut, emerald cut, oval-shaped, among others. You can also choose tennis bracelets that are made up of symmetrical patterns of diamonds. These dainty and elegant pieces will inject sparkle during the dullest of days. If you want an understated piece, you can pick the round cut diamond bracelets. Emerald cut bracelets illustrate luxury and sophistication. When it comes to the bracelet’s metal, you can opt for white gold, yellow gold, platinum or rose gold. But white gold and platinum stand out with colorless diamonds. You can handpick some glamorous diamond bracelets online and add them to your timeless collection.

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