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Top 3 Custom Car Sticker Designing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Vehicle wraps and car decals are undoubtedly one of the most effective and affordable advertising techniques. This traditional marketing method is suitable for every type of business. Especially for small businesses that cannot afford digital marketing methods. However, many large businesses also use vehicle decals are one of their primary marketing methods. This is because the car decals allow them to market their products to thousands of potential customers without breaking the marketing budget. As the promotional vehicle moves to every corner of the city, you can improve your brand awareness easily with minimal effort. No matter if the promotional vehicles move or not, these stickers will work effectively. 

However, the effectiveness of the custom stickers is dependent on their attractiveness and ability to share business information. If you use irrelevant designing methods for your custom stickers, you won’t be able to promote your business effectively. Here are the top 3 custom sticker designing mistakes you should avoid. 

Not Implementing Eye-Catching Design

Vehicles are one type of moving billboard. If you cannot target the potential audiences to see your advertisement, you won’t succeed with your car sticker marketing techniques. Therefore, you need to make sure that the design of the car stickers is attractive as well as informative. You cannot attract the attention of the passers-by without an attractive design. On the other hand, if the design and color of the car stickers are attractive, you can build engagement with your audiences even in noisy and cluttered surroundings. Don’t just start ordering your vehicle stickers without considering the design. Spend a significant amount of time creating designs that will make your stickers stand out in the crowd. Additionally, make sure you showcase consistency with your car stickers otherwise, your customers cannot recognize your brand image instantly. 

Not Displaying Readable and Understandable Message

While the design of the custom car magnet decals is extremely important to improve its visibility and attractiveness, another thing you need to consider is the quality of the information you’re displaying. Many business owners use eye-catching designs in their car stickers to capture the attention of their audiences, but fail to showcase readable messages in the stickers. No matter how attractive the design is, if the customer cannot read and interpret your promotional message, the efforts of your vehicle decal marketing will go in vain. To ensure the readability of the text, make sure they are large and clear. Don’t use any fancy letter or special effect. The message needs to be direct so that your audiences can read them in an instant. 

You Forget to Include CTA

This is one of the worst mistakes business owners make while designing their custom stickers. As per Ocerlo, CTA is known as call-to-action. Even though improving brand awareness is the primary focus of the business owners, small businesses should also focus on generating traffic to their retail stores. If you forget to include power call-to-action, you cannot attract customers to your retail stores as they won’t give any type of encouragement. Not adding a CTA will undoubtedly decrease the rate of return on investment of your car sticker marketing campaign. 


These are the top 4 car sticker designing mistakes you should avoid at any cost. Even though the car sticker marketing campaign isn’t complicated, you should pay close attention while marketing your products with vehicle decals. Make sure you implement an eye-catching design, compelling CTA, and readable message in your car stickers. 


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