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Most Popular Cat Breeds 2021

Cats have been a long, popular choice for pets. In fact, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, almost 25% of U.S. households have one of these adorable furry felines. While some seem aloof, and others can be a little mischievous at times, cats have been our source of companionship and happiness (read more) in the past few years.

Apart from being adorable because, really, how can you not love them? They’re also strong-willed, curious, and loyal — qualities that can make them wonderful lifelong companions for you.

The top four most popular cat breeds are listed below if you’re thinking about adopting a cat for the first time or getting one again.

  1. Ragdoll

Have you ever experienced being rejected by a cat? If yes, Ragdolls are the breed of cats you should get if you want to feel loved. Trust me. Your Ragdoll won’t reject you. 

For the third year in a row, the ragdoll cat breed has taken first place on the list of most popular cat breeds, thanks to its long, luxurious coat and piercing bright blue eyes. True to its name, the ragdoll cat is known for falling limp in your arms, like a rag doll. 

In addition, Ragdolls are a cross between an active cat and a lap cat. Ragdolls can be playful without being overly involved. They usually enjoy playing games like fetch and hide and seek with their human companions. While these can be unusual to other felines, Ragdolls are relatively easier to train! 

At the same time, you’ll usually find them lazing around the house or sitting in your lap. But, because of the love and affection they can give you, they are always ready to come and be with you whenever you need them.

The docile and gentle demeanor of these cats is also well-known among cat enthusiasts. Usually, they’re the cats who won’t even extend their claws on you because they’re always calm and laid-back, and they have sweet little voices to match. No doubt, Ragdoll cats are genuinely gentle giants!

  1. Exotic

The Exotic Shorthair also referred to as Exotic, is a relatively new breed of cat compared to other cat breeds that have been around for thousands of years. Often, Exotic is considered to provide a more convenient alternative for Persian lovers. They appear nearly identical to the Persian, with large, round eyes, round neck, and short, stocky legs. In short, they have a rounded appearance like a Persian, except that Exotics have a shorter coat, which makes them a low-maintenance cat breed.

Furthermore, Exotics’ personality is described as calm and friendly. They tend to adapt well in any environment, in part because of their laid-back demeanor, and they enjoy being around children and adults alike. They also enjoy having an animal companion, so it’s easy to leave them as long as they have a playmate. 

These cats are not particularly vocal, but they may occasionally let out a small purr or chirp when excited. Despite being an amiable cat, many are wary of strangers, at least at first. Even though Exotic cats are more energetic than Persian cats, they will still want to curl up in your lap at the end of the day once they’re comfortable with you.

  1. Persians

The popular Persian breed is one of the most recognizable globally, thanks to its flat faces and long, flowing fur. But more than that, Persians are also known as one of the friendliest cat breeds, as seen on the guide for all cat breeds, with their affectionate and loving demeanor. They’re also playful, joyful, and never demanding—a quality that many associates with them. Despite their regal appearance, they have a low level of energy.

They are typically content with just sitting on your lap and cuddling. Hence, if you want them to, they will happily sit on your lap for hours. 

For some felines, meeting other people can be nerve-wracking. But for Persians- they are often calm and collected. In most cases, they might even make their way to your company’s lap to receive some attention. Most typically, they thrive in homes that are calm and quiet rather than loud ones. 

However, Persians aren’t the type of low-maintenance breed. Because their fur is long and prone to tangling, they should be groomed at least once every two days, if not daily. In addition, maintaining their coat’s shape can be time-consuming.

  1. Maine Coon 

Also a gentle giant, Maine Coon is a popular breed around the world. Their size makes them one of the most populous domesticated cat breeds, and they are also considered to be among the friendliest. The ‘gentle’ in their nickname “gentle giant” comes from being such gentle and loving cats. They are extremely friendly and enjoy being with others.

Maine Coon cats, particularly males, have a natural tendency to be very playful cats. They enjoy spending quality time with their owners through play and bonding. At the same time, playing provides them with an excellent outlet for their natural mousing abilities. It keeps them active and productive. 

In addition, they’re a type of intelligent cat breed. They can be taught new tricks and basic commands. In fact, they’re also recognized as “dog-like” (link: by many because they often exhibit characteristics that people associate with dogs. 

They are a loyal breed that can be highly affectionate with their owners, and they love having human interaction. It may be while playing with you or simply sitting beside you. Most likely, they would hang by your side, waiting for cuddles or an occasional snuggle.

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