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Men’s Wearhouse – The Next Generation of Store Layouts

Men’s Wearhouse is a clothing and accessories retailer that was founded by George Zimmer in 1973. The company has since gone through several management changes including a change of name and a new CEO. Founder George Zimmer was fired in 2013, and the new leadership team has since been renamed Doug Ewert. As CEO, Ewert has overshadowed Zimmer and he has now quit the company. A skunky smell and the sounds of downtown Oakland greet me as I walk into the Men’s Wearhouse headquarters.

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In late 1995, Men’s Wearhouse released a video called “How to Dress Casually and Still Mean Business.” It showed a woman dressing for work in an office, and the video lasted about seven minutes. Store managers showed the video in stores, and held free fashion shows at nearby businesses. Human resources directors received a free copy of the video in the mail, and the retailer also offered to host live fashion shows for male employees.

To address this growing issue

To address this growing issue, Men’s Wearhouse introduced its next-generation store layouts, complete with a visible back stock area, known as “The Vault.” The company plans to continue introducing the new style in its stores, incorporating these new elements into their stores. Despite the changes, the company plans to keep the historically wide size range as a major selling point. While the next-gen layouts are streamlined and include an array of digital elements, they still retain a largely traditional store design.

Besides expanding in many areas, Men’s Wearhouse also has a global presence. In 2010, the company sponsored the UFL in Europe and purchased Alexandra plc, a corporatewear developer in Europe. In 2013, the company underwent major changes. It added the Joseph Abboud brand to its catalog. These changes have helped the brand grow and evolve. With these changes, it is now the largest clothing retailer in the world.

The next-generation store layouts are a huge step for any men’s wearhouse. Designed to be more efficient, they incorporate digital elements and a clear color palette. In addition, it is a great way to showcase the latest collections. This new store design is a major improvement in customer service. The changes in the layout have also been welcomed by the company’s employees. While they don’t necessarily improve the overall design of the store, they have benefited the brand’s sales.

The first generation concept

This latest version of the men’s wearhouse will include the digital shirt wall and other changes. Moreover, the Next-Gen stores will be open for business in Canada. This brand will be able to attract more Canadian customers. The first-generation model will focus on the women’s fashion, as the men’s wearhouse brand was originally created for the men.

The first generation was founded in 1972, and the company has been growing rapidly ever since. Its slogan is “Always stylish, affordable and easy to wear.” Its founder, George Zimmer, helped his father’s Hong Kong raincoat manufacturing business by taking a percentage of the profits. Its name, ‘Men’s Wearhouse’, is a brand of tailored clothing. The company’s logo is a trademark and it is a symbol of high quality men’s clothes.

Men’s Wearhouse stores

The next-generation Men’s Wearhouse stores have introduced next-generation retail concepts with their new ‘The Vault’ concept. The new design features a streamlined layout and a host of digital elements. A traditional store isn’t for everyone, and the brand’s history is very diverse. This new look aims to appeal to the professional male demographic. Its prices are low, and the store’s locations are small and have a wide size range.

The company’s new look focuses on the modern man and their style. However, the redesigns are not an indication of what the future will bring for Men’s Wearhouse. In the end, it is a matter of what they wear and how they dress.


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