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How App Store Optimization Can Help Your App Rank Higher In Play Store?

Having a digital product at your disposal is a must when doing an online business. Additionally, a mobile app works and ranks as the best product one can get their hands on in the digital spectrum. 

But the problem with mobile apps is ‘How To Make Them More Visible and Deliver To The Right Audience?’

Yes! Top mobile app development company can indeed build you one of the most excellent-looking apps with a ton of features that will help you acquire customers. But again, how would they know about your app or come in contact with that.

Well! There’s a whole different methodology to be followed for that, and it’s called ASO, which stands for App Store Optimization.

Let’s take a look at what ASO is and how you can benefit from that knowledge.

What is ASO?

App Store Optimization company helps you make your app stand out and be visible for the search result you want to rank for. 

Ranking on App Stores  is a tough nut to crack, and that’s why ASO comes with specific sets of practices that, if followed correctly, can help you solve the problem that we just mentioned. 

So, let’s move on to the metrics that you need to pay attention to while uploading your app to the designated stores. 

Embedding Keywords 

When you upload your app to the App Store, the first thing that happens is a thorough scan of your page by the crawler of the app store, which is used to extract, and organize information from app pages.

It then categorizes your app page based on the information you’ve provided. Embedding keywords that have high search volume or are relatable to your business/target audience helps you create a better reach.

The ranking for an app or a digital product is decided by the way it is represented in the form of text and tags majorly, which is why keywords play a huge role there.

Building Quality Backlinks

The process of backlinking is straightforward, yet it is so hard to achieve. What is a backlink, you ask? Well! When another page or website refers to your app and creates a forwarding link to it, that’s a backlink. 

But wait! You can’t pick any backlink; you have to have those from sites or app pages with good authority. And to score a backlink from this kind of page, it’s a hard bargain.

Adding Images, Screenshots, and Creatives

The more vibrant the image you use with a clear depiction of what your app does, the better it is. Eventually, it is not always about just reaching the audience only, but making them convert also. 

In here, it means that they download and interact with the app. Which is why this stands as an important factor. 

Getting Reviews From Customers

Social validation is prevalent in today’s time, and that’s the reason you should go after as many reviews as you can. First, it builds trust among the users concerning your app, and secondary benefits include higher ranking due to credibility.

These are just four minor points that you can take into consideration but again! ASO is not just limited to that only. There are other metrics where you have to perform well to rank higher.

This is why we suggest that you take help from experts. And when we talk about experts, TechAhead comes to mind, an organization which has been delivering high-quality digital products for the past 12 years.

Not only that, they have been working with big players like Audi, AXA, ICC, and more, which in turn got them the best mobile developer awards a couple of years in a row.

Have more questions about how to rank your mobile app higher in the App Store? Well! Now you know whom to ask. Yes! TechAhead is the name.


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