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Mahito (Cursed Spirit)

Mahito is a Cursed Spirit. He has a patchwork face, gray eyes, and long, wavy grayish-blue hair sectioned into three strands. His clothing has stitches all over it, and he wears a black shawl around his left sleeve. His shoes are usually white. He is prone to spit and vomit, which can cause him to lose his temper.


One of his abilities is the ability to see human souls. This could be related to his technique to manipulate souls. Although he initially used his powers to test humans, he later discovered that he was apathetic and even sadistic. He manipulated human emotions and behavior. This explains why he is the main antagonist of the series. Also, Mahito is a recurring character in the manga and anime.

Mahito’s physical

Mahito’s physical strength is one of his greatest assets. In his first fight with Yuji Itadori, he mercilessly beat him, causing him to cough up blood. The blow he delivered made Yuji’s skull split. His ability to destroy Mechamarus is impressive. He also pinched Nanami with his bare hands. His physical strength is also a benefit when combined with Black Flash. His hit is so powerful, it can make Aoi Todo cough blood.

Mahito was born from a curse, but his exact date of birth and childhood are unknown. He was born out of hatred for humans. He believes he is the manifestation of pure evil. His sole focus is the eradication of humankind. He wants to rule over all the other Cursed Spirits. While he may be immature, he’s an important part of the anime. It has never been revealed where Mahito came from.

The character has a philosophical side. He has the ability to see people’s souls. This may be related to his soul-mapping technique. The character’s philosophical beliefs are based on his beliefs, and his beliefs are contradictory to his actions. He thinks that he is more concerned with his desires than with his feelings, and he is not afraid of the consequences. A lot of his actions in the manga are related to his desires.


Mahito is the only character to have ever killed another human. His apathetic and sad nature is very obvious and has resulted in his inability to feel anything other than desire. Fortunately, his death was in the service of this desire. Eventually, he discovered the truth about himself. And when he finally met his mortal enemy, he discovered his true identity, he became a human. And when he was able to kill a human, he was rewarded with an instant spiritual body.

Despite his evil intentions, Mahito’s soul can be altered. In the manga, he kills humans by holding his hand to their heads. His intention is to destroy the human soul and create a way for cursed spirits to rule the world. He then uses the cursed technique on his enemies to make them weaker and more vulnerable. Its ultimate goal is to kill a human. It’s a great way to gain favor with a human.

Mahito’s physical strength is immense. His second fight with Yuji Itadori made him cough up blood, and he claimed that he could split Yuji’s skull. He has also destroyed countless Mechamarus, pinned Nanami, and killed other Mechamarus. His attacks can be very powerful with Black Flash, and he can break down a human at will. During the final battle, Mahito uses a special spell called Black Flash.

experiment on humans

He used his power to experiment on humans, and he had no empathy for them. He showed no sympathy for humans while conducting his experiments. His method of manipulating souls was very twisted. He also wanted to break Itadori’s soul to gain access to his powers. It was sad and he did everything he could to keep it alive. However, he was always ready to help Yuji. But this time, he used his powers to manipulate the human soul.

Like Yuji, Mahito is a cursed spirit. He does not have a specific date or childhood. His origins are unknown. Nevertheless, it is believed that his hatred of humans is what spawned his cursed spirit. He does not have mates and is single, focusing on killing humans. And he is utterly focused on learning. The only way he can be happy is to kill his mortal enemy.


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