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5 Tips to Start Hiking and Nature Walking

After a long time spent in fear and lockdowns, many are ready to change their daily routines and start living their best lives once again. Both mental and physical health are related to physical activity, outdoors, and fresh air. Thus, many people opt to spend their day or a weekend out in nature. There are many different kinds of outdoor activities you can try out, such as camping, hiking, or just wandering around the woods and countryside. However, you should always come well prepared no matter which of those you’d like to embrace. Therefore, this is the right place where you will find the most useful tips on how to spend quality time in nature. 

Choose the right site

When it comes to hiking, camping, or nature walking, it is important to choose the right spot where you will be spending the most of your time. In case you are planning a hiking trip, you will be moving around a lot but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to mark some places where you will be making stops. Especially if you are planning a longer trip that would last a couple of days, you should choose the camping sites in advance, in order to be adequately prepared. 

Gear up like a pro

As you may already know, it is very important to have all the necessary tools while spending your time out in nature. You never know what may happen: you might get hurt and be in need of medical assistance. On the other hand, you might simply want to prepare food. Whatever it may be, your list of essential items should consist of a first aid kit, warm clothes, a lighter, and a first-class knife. It is recommended to get yourself some quality OTF knives, as they are one of the handiest and most convenient tools out there. An OTF knife is basically a folding knife that consists of a number of different blades that might come in handy at some point. The reason so many people find an OTF knife convenient is that the blades are so perfectly packed inside one handy tool. It is important to have such a useful gadget nearby since you never know what situation you may end up in. 

Dress adequately

Even if you plan on exploring nature in the summer season, you should bear in mind that the temperatures are much lower in the woods and especially at night. With that in mind, you should bring some warm clothes, and dress in layers. Layers are important because you can change as the weather changes – if it gets hot, you can take off that sweater but you will still have it for the night. Remember to bring a raincoat, as it may rain – plus, it’s more convenient for a hiking trip than an umbrella. 

Choose your shoes wisely

If you plan on going for a hike or a walk in nature, you will surely be spending most of your time on your feet. That is why it’s important to wear proper shoes, preferably ones that are professionally made for difficult conditions. Your feet must be dry at all times, if you intend on keeping your health and wellbeing. Thus, the shoes must be waterproof, as well as strong and solid enough.

Pack enough food and drinks

Alright, you have probably thought about this one already. Remember to bring enough food and water for yourself and everyone who is coming along. You must avoid dehydration at all costs – drink plenty of liquids and search for the nearest water sources in advance. As for the food, it’s smart to pack the things that you can easily eat by hand, like sandwiches or fruit. 

To be able to spend time outdoors, breathing clean air under the open sky is truly a gift. All of that combined with physical activity really gives you a sense of calmness and fulfillment. That is why many experts recommend hiking and nature walking as useful and therapeutic, especially after two years of lockdown and disease. All things considered, this is your sign to start preparing for your next nature-exploring adventure!

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