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Mercantil Seguros (NYSE: MERCAD) Ratings

Mercantil Banco in Venezuela


Mercantil Banco has over 90 years of banking experience in Venezuela. Founded in 1926, this bank is a subsidiary of Mercantil Servicios Financieros. Mercantil Banco is one of the most prominent financial institutions in Venezuela. Its financial services range from traditional to specialized lending.

Mercantil Seguros

Mercantil Seguros C.A. was founded in December 1988. Its management decided to expand its service offerings. In 1998, the company became affiliated with Aetna, the largest health insurance provider in North America. The company has over 23 million members and over 140 years of experience. Aetna provided the company with resources, support, and technology needed to develop and implement new products quickly. It is one of the fastest growing health insurers in the country.

The company’s risk-adjusted capitalization has consistently grown at an annual rate of 50%, which is extremely supportive of its ratings. Its consistently strong underwriting and investment income has allowed the company to boost its capital. The risk-adjusted capitalization stands at an impressive level, and the company maintains a strong balance sheet.

Mercantil is one of Venezuela’s largest insurers, with assets of $1.1 billion. Its subsidiaries are located throughout the country, and its management structure is changing at the corporate level. The company’s strategic focus on its subsidiaries is to increase profitability by diversifying its operations. AM Best is looking for growth through increased geographic diversification and distribution channel synergies. If you’re looking for a reliable Latin American insurance company, MERCANTIL will be the perfect choice.

risk-adjusted capitalization

Mercantil Seguros’ risk-adjusted capitalization is at the highest level in its history. The company has maintained a high capitalization level, which is supportive of its ratings. Its focus is on generating wealth by offering insurance coverage to its clients.

Mercantil Seguros’ risk-adjusted capitalization is at its strongest level, which supports the company’s ratings. AM Best expects a high capitalization growth rate over the next few years. With its current business strategy, Mercantil Seguros has a strong balance sheet.

Mercantil Seguros is a Panama-based (re)insurer. Mercantil Seguros operates through a network of brokers in Panama. Its main mission is to serve the Venezuelan market as a retrocessionaire. Its goal is to become the most competitive insurance company in Latin America.

leading insurance provider in Colombia

Mercantil Seguros is a leading insurance provider in Colombia and Panama. Its strong reinsurance portfolio and strong capitalization make it one of the most competitive in Latin America. Mercantil Seguros is based in Santiago, Chile and has a branch in Panama City. Its recent acquisitions include the former Mercantil de Colombia and BMS Finanz AG.

Coral Gables, Florida, in 1979. It has a traditional brick-and-mortar structure and a full suite of banking products. If you’re looking for a bank in Venezuela, consider Mercantil. You’ll be glad you did.

It is a third-party bank in the U.S., and has been serving the local community for 35 years. The bank operates 22 Banking Centers, with 15 in South Florida, seven in Houston, and one in Manhattan.


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