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How to Use the UGA eLC

The UGA eLC is a secure, FERPA-compliant platform for UGA classes. It provides students with access to classroom content and activities. Instructors can customize course content and delivery methods to suit their needs. All enrolled courses appear on the eLC’s homepage and pinned courses can be accessed from the Menu of Courses. They can easily view announcements and other important information that may affect students.

uga elc

After logging in, students can access their coursework by selecting “My Courses.” A drop-down menu will appear on the left side. In the left-hand column, click “Current Courses,” then “My Recent Courses,” and finally, “View All.” There, they can search for a specific course or a particular professor. To view an upcoming quiz, click on the eLC’s red button.

the eLC

To log in to eLC, select “Log in”. Then, select the eLC you would like to login to. You will see a list of enrolled courses. Pinched courses will appear on the eLC’s Homepage. To view all courses, click the Waffle Icon on the homepage. If you want to search for a specific course, click the View All Courses link. If you receive the message “Error: Not Authorized”, check your quiz and check whether you have submitted it.

A course’s name will appear at the top of the homepage. To change the order of courses, click “View All Courses.” When you view all courses, a search bar will be visible. If you’re unable to access a course, you can also view a list of your enrolled courses. Then, you can click on “Add Courses” in the menu. If you want to view the full list of courses, you can use the advanced search tool.

The UGA eLC allows educators to customize courses to meet their unique needs. Currently enrolled courses appear on the Homepage. If you wish to customize the layout of a course, click the Waffle Icon. To make your courses stand out from the crowd, you can set an eLC shortcut in the Courses Menu. By using the search bar, you can select a course and view its details. You can also create a search query for a specific course.

Using the eLC’s

However, they can also access their courses through the eLC’s Courses Menu. eLC users can also view the course’s history by clicking on the “Waffle Icon” icon at the top of the screen. The eLC allows students to customize their courses.

The eLC’s main homepage lists enrolled courses. These pinned courses are found in the Menu of Courses. Those that are currently enrolled in a course will appear on the Home page. Additionally, the eLC provides the necessary resources for students to complete their course. The eLC is an important part of the UGA community and the eLC at UGA makes the process easier for both faculty and students.

Using the eLC, educators can customize their courses according to their needs. Currently enrolled courses appear in the Home Page and the Courses Menu. In the Courses Menu, a student can see the pinned course. By clicking the Waffle Icon, a student can access the pinned course’s description. Once the student pinned a course, the course will show up on the Home page.

The eLC at UGA

The eLC at UGA is an online learning platform that provides a flexible, streamlined interface for students. Teachers can customize the courses in UGA eLC to suit the needs of their students. The Home page shows all the enrolled courses. A pinned course will be visible on the homepage and in the Courses menu. Educators can also pin a course to the top to make it easier to navigate.

The eLC at UGA is a centralized platform for students to manage their coursework. In addition to course content, the eLC provides the ability to post announcements, share documents, and run quizzes. The portal also has a user-friendly interface, and is available to all UGA students. When problems arise, it is easy to report them via the Portal. The eLC at UGA is primarily aimed at providing students with essential information and resources.


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