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What is the salary for ACC exam? What perks and allowances are provided to those who qualify ACC exam?

The ACC examination will definitely roll out the exam notification. Candidates who want to get the soldier training for the air force, navy, or army can appear for the examination. Therefore, make sure that you take admission for the Army Cadet College Wing. You have to fill up the ACC entry application. The ACC wing present at the Indian Military Academy if you want to prepare for the regular army, air force soldiers, navy, and other sections. 

Today, the ACC is commonly known as the Siachin Battalion.  The IMA training is always designed for maximising the overall development of moral, physical qualities for leadership, especially in the armed forces. When enrolling in IMA, you will learn good qualities so that you can inculcate in your heart and mind. Apart from that, you will learn about dynamism, initiative, character, etc. 

Application Form 

The application form for the ACC examination will be made post recruitment. Therefore, if you are eligible for the examination, make sure that you check the official website. However, it is important to know the entire application process. Along with that, the selection process is also necessary. 

The written test is primary and the most important stage for the ACC examination. The candidate has to appear for the SSB interview and a medical exam for the second stage. After clearing it, the candidate can join the Army Cadet College, Dehradun. 

What is the selection procedure?

The entire interview process is divided in two different stages. First, you have to clear the first stage, then the second stage and the entire examination for five days. Different parameters are considered.

  • Day 1- Stage 1 of the examination contains the intelligence test, picture perception, and the discussion test. You will only get the opportunity for the second round if you clear this one.
  • Day 2- Day 2 is the second stage examination, which consists of the psychological test, group test, and personal interview.
  • Day 3- The third day consists of the GTO test.
  • Day 2-4- On these days, the candidate has to appear for the interviews
  • Day 5- The fifth day is the final day where you have to appear for the conference.

Salary and perks for ACC candidates

Once a candidate enters the service, they have to be in a training period. Here, they will learn about their duty and routines of the Indian army. During the training, candidates will receive a stipend of INR 21,000 every month. While they are under training, all the expenses will be covered by ACC. 

Some of the cadets’ benefits during training include free food, clothing, dearness allowance, free laundry, etc. Apart from that, they get all the free equipment for free. Even though this is the basic pay, and once they become a military officer, the allowance and the ACC salary scale will automatically increase. 

If you are assigned to the Indian Army as an army officer, you will be called as the Lieutenant of the army, and your salary will jump to INR 74,000 along with other benefits. Some of the outstanding perks you will receive include lifelong pension, transportation allowance, housing allowance, field area allowance, annual leave of two months, and casual leave of twenty days. 

Besides, you can also get air or rail travel concession, free hospital benefits, canteen facilities and ration, etc. Being a part of the ACC is definitely worthy due to the honour that you will get along with a handsome salary as well as perks and benefits.

Hence, ACC provides various facilities, and due to this reason, candidates who are interested in armed forces prepare for the examination.


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