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Hipod is well-known in the video camera tower business and they supply a scope of end zone camera choices based around either the Hipod Lite or the Hipod Pro model. Hipod items are utilized by star groups just as secondary school groups and they will more often than not be at the higher finish of the market, and at the higher finish of the value section.

As of past Hipod started offering End Zone Telescoping Tripod frameworks at lower sticker costs to accommodate schools, associations, or people hoping to film their games program at a lower financial plan. The Hipod Lite is an end zone camera tower with less tallness, less weight, and at a much discounted value contrasted with their standard Pro line. For a solitary parent hoping to film youth sports this might be a sensible choice.

Size of Hipod.

Hipod comes in at 31ft. Hipod framework gives an extraordinary view to film. The extra tallness on the Hi-Pod in all actuality does anyway make it harder to ship. The Hi-Pod separates into two segments, the extending tube and the base segment. These both go in individual cases to be moved with the extending tube being off-kilter to squeeze into a standard UK or European estimated 5-entryway vehicle.

Setup of Hipod.

Association of fundamental parts:

When setting up the Hipod the extending tube is lifted over the base and opened into position, this can frequently be testing if setting up all alone particularly in the event that you’re not the tallest of individuals.

Getting the legs/Stability:

The Hipod has 4 legs. When checking out the solidness of the Hi-Pod is a lot of stable when it is completely stretched. The Hi-Pod has a soul level appended to help you to level it.

Connection of camera:

Again the frameworks contrast significantly, with the Hipod the camera must be in a bad way into the support at the highest point of the extending tube which can be a test without something to remain on to arrive at the support. Concerning the links running from camera to screen, Hi-Pod works with a link which permits AV and controller in one link to be associated into the screen and regulator.

Screen Attachment.

The Hipod has 9 inch screen which slides onto a solitary section which is then fixed into place. There is the power for the Hipod screen which comes from an enormous battery which is in a different pack which can be worn around the midriff or set on the floor. The Cable interfacing the screen and battery additionally associates with the controller and AV links. One thing that the Hipod has is a sun visor for the screen which can append with Velcro as the screen endures when the sun is sparkling brilliantly.

Raising the framework.

The Hipod you need to slide every individual segment up and locking each part and dashing for additional security. This is marginally difficult in the event that you’re not 6ft in addition to where something to remain on is required. Raising and bringing down of the Hipod is made somewhat more troublesome in wet climate because of absence of hold.

Camera Tilt and development.

Hipod utilizing a support and string framework. The Hipods support is constrained by bits of nylon rope which balance either side of the support descending into a handle where they are cut set up. This is here and there somewhat interesting to get it set at the right point and if not set up flawlessly can be a touch of fight to control during a long match.

Waterproof Kit.

Hipod likewise offer a waterproofing pack which additionally comprises of a camera cover, remote cover, battery cover and a screen cover.


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