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Maryland VEIP Stations Close

All Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration branch offices and Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program (VEIP) testing stations will close on Saturday, March 9, for computer system upgrades and customer service enhancements.

New procedures at Maryland VEIP testing sites will begin this week, including face coverings for employees and temperature screening of all station visitors. This is in addition to the disinfection efforts and the use of hand sanitizer. After entering the car, customers will exit the vehicle and wait for a VEIP tester to connect the necessary cable and give instructions on how to use the equipment. After the customer has completed the test, the technician will sanitize the cable and clean it.

VEIP testing sites in Maryland

MDOT has reopened VEIP testing sites in Maryland. Drive-through stations are already operating in Bel Air in Harford County, Columbia in Howard County, Glen Burnie in Anne Arundel County, and Waldorf in Montgomery County. The remaining two sites will offer COVID-19 testing by appointment only. Interested patients should schedule an appointment with their health care provider. They should also know the location of their nearest VEIP station.

The Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration has announced that the VEIP testing stations will reopen Monday, January 19. The reopening of the VEIP stations will allow for more convenient traffic flow, including drive-through services for those who are unable to get to a clinic for a COVID-19 test. The MDOT MVA will continue to follow COVID-19 safety measures, including plexiglass dividers and social distancing practices. Branches will continue to maintain a six-foot distance between customers and employees.

These new VEIP testing sites will include face-covering VEIP inspectors, temperature-screening, social distancing, and hand sanitizer. In addition, the newly opened VEIP stations will also reopen the COVID-19 tests. In addition, the Maryland Department of Transportation will extend the due date of the emissions tests on fleet vehicles.

The new COVID-19 testing

The new COVID-19 testing standards will be implemented at the Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration (MDOT-MVA) VEIP stations. As the first phase of the COVID-19 safety standard, Maryland VEIP testing will only be available on an appointment-only basis. The new procedure will require patients to bring their health insurance cards with them when they travel to the VEIP station. If they don’t have insurance, the reopened VEIP station will be closed for two weeks.

The new VEIP testing procedures will include face coverings for VEIP testing staff, temperature screening for station visitors, and hand sanitizers. The VEIP stations will offer drive-through coronavirus testing to drivers of vehicles made after 2005. They charge a reduced fee for tests compared to full-service VEIP stations.

The new procedures at VEIP stations will ensure the safety of both customers and employees.

The closures will be effective until January 4, 2021, and many will reopen their doors. They will be open 24 hours a day and will offer reduced prices for pet test. The new VEIP testing kiosks will be able to conduct COVID-19 testing for a fee of $10. In contrast, full-service VEIP stations charge $14.

Last Words

In addition to the new procedures, VEIP stations will also introduce a new safety protocol. Normally, the testing process takes between two and five days.


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