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How to Delete a Site Collection Permanently in SharePoint Online 

The SharePoint Online site collection includes one or more websites grouped on a single URL. This means that they share common features, making it essential to know the right insights. To delete the SharePoint site, you should know the basic procedures. 

What are the different types of SharePoint sites? 

Things are updating at lightning speed, which gives you a responsibility to understand various features and functionalities of SharePoint site. This helps in taking the right decision and increasing the revenue of a business.  

Let us explore some SharePoint sites:  

  1. Team Site  

This is a department or project team website where team collaboration takes place. You need to use the Office 365 Group site template to handle this SharePoint site. This gives you access to Teams, Outlook, and Planner.   

SharePoint Team site has a wide range of Microsoft collaboration tools by default. This is best for a central location for document storage and team collaboration.  

  1. Communication Site 

It is a one-way information sharing site. This is ideal for the Human Resources department as they can share policies, handbooks, and the latest announcements with the employees. For such scenarios, you should prefer using the Communication Site template.  

With the usage of its unique features, you get the freedom to build a visually appealing site that helps in sharing content effortlessly. These are not linked with Teams, Outlook, and Planner. This is ideal for showcasing content that includes articles, services, announcements, and people effectively.  

  1. Project Web App Sites 

Project web app sites provide a collaborative space to work with project managers and track the progress of the projects. This SharePoint site handles the status, documents, and communication relevant to the project in a single place.  

SharePoint website provides great visualization templates that help in improving the project management experience. It is a perfect choice to track the project deadlines and collaborate with the managers.  

  1. Hub Sites  

Hub sites are used for connecting, organizing, and showcasing a wide variety of sites in a central location. Linking with communicating and team sites makes it easier to handle activities inside an organization.  

This is ideal for a central site to navigate and display related communication and team sites.  

What is Microsoft SharePoint Dashboard? 

Before you begin exploring the process of deleting the SharePoint site, you need to understand the main element of the platform. The SharePoint dashboard contains valuable web apps and other systems.  

The main purpose is to determine the business strategies, campaigns, and make data-driven decisions for the organization. This helps to understand if you want to remove the SharePoint site permanently or not.  

One of the best things is that Microsoft provides a centralized administration in the SharePoint dashboard. This means higher accessibility to the data from multiple sites and web apps in a consolidated view.  

Some benefits of accessing data through the SharePoint dashboard are:  

  • The users get access to all the operational and transactional data at a single place in the SharePoint dashboard. This helps the users to accelerate and streamline the decision-making of the organization  
  • There are status indicators that help in understanding the performance of the websites. The team members can work collaboratively to achieve business goals and provide better solutions.  
  • It helps avoid tiresome manual business processes, redundant procedures, and manual errors that are time-consuming. Businesses get the freedom to view valuable information on a single screen and remove unnecessary data seamlessly. 

How to delete a site collection through central administration? 

The below process will help permanently delete a site collection, its content, and user information. Let us look at the procedure: 

  1. Verify that you have the right admin credentials.  
  1. Redirect to Central Administration  
  1. On this website, click on Application Management  
  1. On this page, in the Site Collections section, click on Delete a site collection  
  1. In the Site Collection list, click Change Site Collection  
  1. The Select Site Collection dialogue will appear 
  1. In the Web Application list, click on Change Web Application  
  1. Click on the web application name that includes the site collection that you are planning to delete. All the relevant URLs of the sites in the site collections will appear in the Select Site Collection dialogue 
  1. Click on the appropriate URL for the site collection that you want to delete permanently, and then click on the OK 
  1. Go through the warning section and verify that the site collection data is correct 
  1. In the Delete Site Collection page, click on Delete  

How to delete a SharePoint Modern site? 

  • Open the SharePoint online site, then click on the Gear icon. Then redirect to the Site Information link.  
  • You might view the Delete site option on this page 
  • Then click on the delete site link, after which a pop-up will open. It includes that all resources linked with the website will be deleted. If you want to go for backup and delete the site, it will be done here. 
  • After this, the site will be available under the Deleted sites in the SharePoint Online admin.  

How to delete a SharePoint Online from the Admin Centre? 

  • Redirect to the SharePoint admin centre, then Sites > Active Sites
  • On the Active Sites page, you will get access to SharePoint sites. 
  • Choose the SharePoint site that you need to delete and click on the Delete button. 
  • Once you delete it, it will now be available under the Deleted Sites. 

How to delete a SharePoint classic site? 

  • Open the classic site, then click on the gear icon and Site settings. 
  • On the Site Setting page, choose the Site Actions and click on the Delete this site link. 
  • There will be a warning page. If you finally want to delete the SharePoint site, then press the Delete button at the bottom. 
  • After this, if you plan to restore it, then you might find it under the deleted sites in the admin centre. 

The Final Key! 

Many organizations have to deal with bulk data and content that is complex and time-consuming. While some sites linked might not be useful to the business any more. We have shared the right procedures used to permanently delete SharePoint site when you feel they are affecting business reputation.  

Hold on to the strong links and remove the obstacles hassle-free now! 


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