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What to Consider When Writing a One-Pager for Your Business?

If you are running a business and taking all crucial steps successfully to expand it on a higher level, you will need a slew of resources to quickly describe your service as your company expands its market reach. A one-pager distills various concepts about your products or services into a single page to grab a customer’s attention.

What is a One Pager? 

A perfect one-pager provides a complete summary of your company history, current market value, your products or services, and how people get benefits from your services. It allows the customers to judge your credibility through the testimonials.

You can easily find one pager examples on the internet to get an idea when writing one. Make sure your one-pager is compelling by including all of the following components.

Perfectly Designed 

Design is the very first and most critical element in the creation of a one-pager. 

An effective one-pager should be developed by a professional designer. Use a perfect color scheme with appropriate visuals to catch the first sight of your target audience. It must include the most relevant information at its top, basic information about the company services in the middle, and contact details at the end of the page. 

Make sure to keep your one-pager mess-free and be print-ready when all the components have been put together.

About The Company 

The best one-pager illustrates the highlights of your company. Providing a piece of complete information about your company Logo, motive, and achievements on one page earns the customer’s trust and they feel satisfied to consider your services. 

Explain why you can deliver the value offered to customers and how you can help them. The predicted return or advantage to a consumer should be quantified as well as your recent awards or accolades.

Value Proposition 

Explain what you do in the form of a value proposition. Make clear what your product or service solves and why customers should prefer your company over the other in competition. To add value to a consumer, you must solve a problem that is vital to them.

Make sure to recognize the pain points of your target audience and offer them the best and all-in-one solution to these pain points in the form of your product. 

What to offer 

It’s a point, to sum up, what you have to offer, it helps you to grab customers’ attention. Your one-pager must highlight the needs of target customers and what you offer to meet their requirements.

If you’re going to offer more than ten items, break them down into smaller subcategories to keep your audience’s interest (ideally three subcategories or more minor).

Add Testimonials 

Adding testimonials from satisfied clients as evidence of your credibility on one pager helps you to earn customers’ trust. It shows the market value of your company and your services and influences more customers.

The better the reference, the more obvious it is. As much as feasible, use simple logos or testimonials in place of more complex graphics.

Contact Details 

After successful marketing of your company, your product, or your services don’t forget about the action plan.nExplain to the audience how to buy or use your product, how they contact your salesperson, or how to order a sample. 

Your contact information must be included on your one-pager. Add a phone number, and an email address in a corner of one-pager and highlight it so that it can be easily noticed by the target customers. Make it easier for people to get in touch by including only the most immediate means of contacting you.

Final Thoughts

Increase your company’s visibility and revenues by including the correct information in your one-pager and achieving the desired growth of your business. You can use a one-pager as a marketing and message tool. Simply, select a message sheet template from many variants available online and get market your newly launched product. Other than that, you can use sales enablement programs, such as Content Camel to boost your sales. It is one of the best Seismic alternatives, which comes with abundant features and an affordable price range.


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