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Everything You Need to Know About Split System Air Conditioners

Do you like the idea of beating the summer heat by relaxing in a cool, comfortable home? There’s no better feeling than escaping outdoor humidity and high temps in the warmest, stickiest months of the year. What are homeowners to do if they don’t want the noise and bulkiness of window AC units or the high cost of central air?

The answer for millions of people is a split system air conditioner. Not only are they efficient and competitively priced, but they don’t take up huge amounts of space in a home. If a split system air conditioner is on your shopping list of home appliances, spend time familiarizing yourself with what they are, how they’re different from other AC units, and their unique benefits. Here’s a quick summary of what you need to know:

  • What They Are:
    The device has both an indoor and outdoor unit, with the outside one being placed nearby (or sometimes on) the exterior wall of whatever space you want to cool. You’ll find the capillary tubes, the compressor, the expansion coil, and the condenser coil within the external component. The split system’s indoor component has an all-important cooling coil, a special air filter, and a blowing device.
  • What Makes Them Different?
    First, there are no ducts in a split system, so you avoid a major hassle. The operating system as a whole is a simple one. That means installation is faster, and workers are less likely to make errors or encounter problems. Tubes and wires connect the outside and inside units to each other.

    The lack of ducts keeps installation costs down and makes for a very efficient and powerful air conditioning system. Traditional “central air” units lose much of their efficiency due to energy loss from the ducts during air movement. Split systems don’t suffer from that disadvantage because there are no ducts.
  • What are the Advantages of Split System AC Units?
    Split systems offer multiple benefits to homeowners concerned about cost efficiency and staying cool in warm months.

    Compared to traditional air conditioners, splits are very quiet because all the hard-working components are outdoors, so there’s never a problem with noisy fans and compressors. Additionally, if you want to cool more than one room, you can install a multi-split AC system.

    There are several indoor units connected to just one outside device/unit. Each room operates with its own thermostat, so you can set different temps as you desire. Or, place two cooling units in a big room for extra comfort.

Do you want an AC unit that lasts many years, delivers excellent cost efficiency, and is exceptionally good at keeping you cool? In that case, a split system air conditioner could be the perfect choice for your home. Professional installation is needed, and the up-front cost is higher than for a standard window unit.

The upshot is that you’ll save on utility expenses year after year, get cool air when it’s hot outside, and enjoy the long-lasting quality of the split system. That makes it an all-around bargain for homeowners.

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