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Your Guide to Birmingham This Spring

Spring is just around the corner. With the weather warming up and people milling about in Birmingham, you’re probably trying to figure out what to do when you’re visiting the biggest city in the West Midlands. This is your guide to Birmingham this spring for touring information that you need to know about and more. If you live outside of Birmingham (such as other places in the UK or elsewhere in the world), this will be helpful if you have yet to visit the city for the first time. Birmingham is a large city with so much to do. Yet, you would be remiss if you didn’t do the things we’ll mention while you’re here. If you’ve arrived early and don’t want to carry your bags to every place you go, you can check out luggage storage in Birmingham that you can depend on. You can even explore parts of the West Midlands region with Birmingham being your starting point. Keep reading to find out what you can do while you’re there.

Visit The Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery

If you’re a bit of an art fan, you can’t say no to a trip to the museum. The Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery is home to many art pieces, including those created in the Victorian era. You can also check out the Edwardian Tearooms if you fancy yourself a cup of tea in the afternoon. There’s also a cafe on site where you can relax after touring the museum with refreshments. There are so many things you’ll find here in Birmingham. When the weather isn’t cooperating, you won’t get bored walking around in this place. You’ll find not only art, but also artifacts from the ancient times from the dinosaurs to the Ancient Civilization periods. If there’s a part of history that you’re interested in, you’ll certainly find it here.

Visit The Many Canals In The City

The canals in Birmingham are much larger than those in Venice. Still, you can ride in a boat and explore parts of the city this way. You can also watch the boats sail by you while you’re taking in the atmosphere of the Canalside cafe, a place that was once a cottage for a lock keeper back in the 18th century. If you want to go somewhere a little more unique, there are boats that are converted into cafes where you can order something and take it with you. If you need to go to a must-see place, the Gas Street Basin is where you need to go. Especially if you just want to find a place where you can take a walk and explore a part of Birmingham. 

Don’t Miss Victoria Square

If there is one place that you can’t miss in Birmingham, it’s Victoria Square. This place has served as the venue to many events including orchestral concerts. The statue of the namesake, Queen Victoria, is located here as well. It’s a great place to hang out in the spring time and relax while touring the city. If you ever visit this place during the holidays, you’ll want to check out the Frankfurt Weihnachtsmarkt, where you can find so many different treats that are the perfect match for the festive spirit. No matter what time of year it is, Victoria Square and some of the historic buildings surrounding the area like the Council House are definitely worth checking out.

Check Out The Secret Garden

‘The Secret Garden’ may be a novel. But there is one that actually exists. And it’s located on the seventh floor of the library of Birmingham. This library was open in 2013 and has so many views of the city, you’ll be taking pictures nonstop. If you are a fan of Shakespeare, you can check out the Memorial Room collection that has plenty of his works. It’s a place where you can take in a show at the amphitheater or the Symphony Hall if you are a fan of classical music. Either way, this is the perfect place to go to if you are more of the cultured type. Yes, there’s also books here as well if you’re a sucker for the written word.

A Cathedral Worth Admiring

This cathedral contains the stained glass windows of the St. Phillip’s Cathedral, which fell victim to a bombing during World War II. The windows were soon reinstalled after the cathedral was rebuilt in 1948.  It is one of the smallest cathedrals in the United Kingdom, but it definitely worth the visit if you are someone that appreciates the architecture of the many cathedrals in England that had been built over the span of many centuries. This place may be a little different compared to places like Westminster Abbey in London. But you don’t want to miss a place like this if you ever find yourself in Birmingham.  

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