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7 tips for people who work long hours in the office

We’ve all heard the horror stories: working every day from 8am to 8pm, with one day off a week. Or, spending over 10 hours a day at work and only getting two hours of sleep. Most people don’t even need to be told they should take breaks or walk around their office during the day — they just do that on instinct by now. But what if you have trouble doing those things?

Let’s look at some tips for people of all ages who work long hours in the office

1. Try to schedule time for being productive during the day.

Let’s face it: we’re all busy people – and when you find someone who can’t fit their important tasks into a manageable amount of time, they’re probably not as good at what they do. It’s possible to be truly productive without compromising your health, though you do need to schedule some time for it.

2. Get a stand up desk for yourself

Do you spend a large portion of your day sitting down? Consider switching to a stand up desk so that you get a different posture for the rest of the day. There are now an increasing number of offices that have replaced all the standard desks with these, so you can even consider asking for one if your company is not quite ready to switch over yet. You don’t need all the fancy electronic ones, though those are nice once you get used to them. A simple tall table or even a stack of boxes works just fine as well.

3. Don’t work through your weekends

There are many people who work on Saturdays and Sundays, including nights and mornings as well as days. This is not a healthy schedule, and it doesn’t make sense if you have to work through your days off later on. Even if you only get three or four days off a week instead of five, that’s still better than working through those days too.

4. Work in an office with a view

A view of nature can keep you focused throughout the day, and even make your thought process more efficient in general. If you are stuck in a cubicle at one of these new desks, consider asking for an office with windows for yourself temporarily or permanently.

5. Look for a high quality comfy chair

There are many options for this that can adjust to your size and shape and keep you in the best posture possible. One example is the Freedom Chair, which is widely used in offices now. It’s built to help you sit correctly, with a unique design that helps your spine stay upright instead of slouching forward like most chairs.

6. Take frequent walking breaks

How often do you walk around your office during the day? 15 minutes per hour? 20 minutes? Try increasing this to 45 minutes per hour at least, if not an hour on average over the course of a workday. It’s a good idea to talk to your boss about this, though some will simply be supportive once you explain why you need it (this is one reason why flexible working schedules are on the rise).

7. Do some stretching throughout the day

Even if you take walks around your office, you can still benefit from a few minutes of exercise at any point during the day. Try doing simple arm stretches and leg stretches while standing up or sitting down — this will help keep your body limber and ready to sit or stand as needed. You could even ask someone nearby in your office to join in!


Long work hours can easily become a daily routine when you are enjoying the job, but it’s important to know when to take a break rather than continually pushing yourself. You can also consider getting one of the best office chair for long hours. The best way to take care of yourself is by making sure your body stays active throughout the day, whether that means walking around and stretching or sitting in a high quality chair that’s designed for your back. It’s also important to schedule down time into your day so that you don’t burn out – even if it just means an hour of reading at lunchtime or getting some fresh air for awhile during a slow period of the day.


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