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What Is A White Glove Mover?

While shifting houses, the process can become a mess until you have it all planned efficiently. We cannot deny that it involves hard work, but that doesn’t mean it will necessarily become a traumatizing and stressful experience for you. In this article, we will be discussing how you can make this experience hassle-free. 

Can You Move House Without Lifting A Finger?

Step 1: Hire a professional moving service

Do proper research about the premium moving company before hiring them for their professionals. It is a widespread mistake committed by people. You must check their background and credentials. When it comes to moving your objects, you should hire a reputable company because they would ensure that no damage is done to the products during removal. 

Step 2: Opt for a premium moving company.

After you have listed the names of the moving services company after negotiating prices, choose the most premium moving company that suits your budget. Also, make sure that they have all the legit documents and licenses from the transport department of their state. Choosing a premium company would save you from the stress of transporting but often from packing. In addition, their skilled personnel would help you pack your items by providing the material that protects them from any cracks or breakage while transporting them. 

Step 3: Remove the unnecessary items while listing them

When you go through all the products from all corners of the house, you will understand the ones you need and ones you have never used, or those you will not use. You can take this opportunity to declutter and sell them to your nearest antique shop, thereby reducing the number of items that need to be removed. 

Step 4: Create a proper packing plan

The packing process is quite time-consuming, so it is always suggested that one start it as early as possible. Even before you begin packing them in boxes, you need to assort the objects according to the rooms they would be kept in your new house. It will make it easier for you to find things when you shift to your new home. 

Step 5: Pack your objects carefully

While packing your items, make sure that you label them correctly. The fragile products should be labeled accordingly. You can also mark the boxes according to the rooms where the objects need to be placed. Wrap all the items correctly in bubble wrap, especially those which might break or crack. Use smaller boxes as they are easy to transport and carry, so the contents inside would be safe. 

Step 6: Pack your liquids separately 

Avoid packing any fluids with non-liquid ones. The liquids have a risk of spilling and creating a mess. If kept with other objects like rugs, it might stain them, but if held together, the maximum you have to do is clean the other bottles with a damp cloth. 

Hire A Professional Moving Service

Here are some tips on how you can move houses without any stress. Lastly, you must pack a survival kit for the moving day with emergency things like medicines, chargers, and important documents. Remember, when you need assistance in moving your house, you can always trust a premium moving company


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