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Five Ways Dentists can improve your smiles

Cosmetic dentistry is becoming more well-known, as more patients are going to the Orange County dentist for services beyond regular cleanings. A variety of cosmetic procedures are available to improve the appearance of your Go Now OP Smilessmiles. To figure out the most appropriate method for your smile, go to one of the numerous Orange County cosmetic dentists for complete dental exams – Prepare to Smiles confidently! Here are a several options you can consider when considering ways to improve the appearance of your teeth by using cosmetic dentistry


The use of veneers is one the most commonly used procedures in cosmetic dentistry. Orange County dentists use veneers to treat dental issues such as worn or chipped teeth, stained teeth, or gaps between teeth. Through the application of custom-made, tooth-colored coverings over the front of the tooth, a dentist is able to modify the shape as well as the color of the teeth. Are you looking for another reason to think about veneers? They can also be beneficial for the patients who visit Orange County cosmetic dentists because of their long-lasting and durable nature.

Bleaching and Whitening Teeth

Another technique commonly employed for cosmetic dental procedures is bleaching and whitening. Patients can have better-looking and whiter smiles by removing discolorations and stains caused by beverages, food or tobacco and even the aging process. This procedure is suitable to everyone since the treatment can be done at the dentist’s office or via kits at home. Professionally whitening your teeth and bleaching them done by an Orange County cosmetic dentist ensures the desired results that can last for five years. Actually, bleaching regularly can make your teeth lighter by several shades!


Orange County dentists can also improve the appearance and color of the teeth of patients through the application of bonding. This method differs from veneers in that it is applied and shaped onto the tooth’s surface. Cosmetic dentists generally use this method to repair minor chips or cracks on teeth as bonding does not generally last for as long as veneers do.

Replaces Old Fillings

In the past dentists would fill cavities using metallic silver colors. In comparison to the new composite materials that dentists can use and patients, these fillings are old-fashioned and not attractive! Utilizing natural-colored substances that the Orange County cosmetic dentist could replace old metal-looking fillings that give the appearance of a tooth and improve the overall appearance of a Smiles.

Removeable Aligners for Teeth

Removable dental aligners typically falls into the orthodontics category and not cosmetic dentistry. But, the procedure is increasingly being used and by Orange County cosmetic dentists to make the most of their patients smiles. The removable teeth aligners can correct unbalanced, crooked or aligned teeth. They aren’t the braces that you would normally wear! The aligners are mouthpieces made of clear which are used to eat, drink and to perform daily dental hygiene. Patients are given a fresh set of aligners every couple of weeks, causing teeth to gradually move into position with each new aligner. The alignment of teeth can be achieved by visiting one of the many Orange County dentist offices, without the need to visit an orthodontist. The procedure can be completed in between nine and 15 months.

Christine O’Kelly is an author for Vivid Dental Studio which is the Orange County dentist with more than 30 years of experience in the field specialising in cosmetic procedures and dental implants.


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