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How to Setup a Free VPN for Windows

Are you interested in learning how to set up a free VPN for Windows? The VPN for Windows services include a user-friendly Windows 10 interface. It is easy to establish the connection by doing simple steps. You can configure the best free VPN for Windows manually by yourself without the assistance of an expert. As we know that it is too essential because many individuals continue to work from home and need a free VPN. Keep reading to learn more.

In this article, we are providing you a comprehensive guide about the setup of a free VPN for Windows. Let’s dive into the details.

Complete steps to Setup a Free VPN for Windows:

Step 1: You need to create a VPN profile on your computer before you may connect to it. You can either establish your VPN profile or a work account by receiving a VPN profile from your employer.

So before starting you should be sure that it is for work or personal use. While you’re at work, seek VPN settings or a VPN application on your company’s intranet site. If you want to use it for the personal VPN service, check the Microsoft Store. See if there’s a program for it then go to the VPN service’s website for VPN connection settings.

Tap on  Start > Settings > Network & Internet > VPN > Add a VPN connection from the Start button.

Step 2: Choose the best free VPN for Windows 10 provider services.

Put the name as a Connection name field. This is the name of the VPN connection that you want to use. Put the VPN server’s address in the Server name column.

Step 3: Select the type of VPN connection you require from the VPN type drop-down menu. You have to figure out what type of VPN connection you or your organization employs. If you want to connect to a VPN for work. There is a need for some details such as username, one-time password, certificate, and smart card. 

Step 4: Choose the VPN connection and configure advanced options to update the VPN connection information. This information is like proxy settings.

Step 5: Join a VPN service. Now after connecting and making a VPN profile. Tap on the connection icon from the taskbar. 

Step 6: Connect if the network button appears under the VPN links. Pick the VPN connection in the settings from the VPN section.

Step 7: Enter your credentials such as login, password, and other details if required.  After getting a connection click on the Network icon. Check whether you’re connected to the VPN while doing other things on your PC. After this check the VPN connection displays.

Final Words

In this technology world, It’s time to connect with the iTop VPN for your operating system. The best free VPN for Windows provides you a larger selection of server locations. The free VPN is able to track the volume of traffic going up and down, and unauthorized access. Even if you manually configure a VPN on your Windows 10, you can use it as a separate client. In addition, there is no need to disconnect the connection. 

Thanks for reading!

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