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4 Easy Steps To Get Corporate Discounts For Group CPR Training

Group CPR training offers many benefits over individual CPR training. However, one of the biggest benefits may be the discounts offered by many corporate wellness programs when multiple employees receive their CPR certification in group settings. But how do you go about getting your group of employees discounted group CPR training? Check out these four easy steps to get the discounts your company deserves.

Step 1: Fill out a group pricing form

The first step to getting corporate discounts for group CPR training is to fill out a group pricing form. This form will help the company determine how many people will attend the training and what type of group CPR training discounts you may be eligible for. You’ll find these forms on their website, or they can email one over to you after they review your request. Ensure you fill out these forms with accurate information for a timely response. If you don’t get any reply within two weeks, resend your form to ensure it didn’t get lost in their system. 

Step 2: Wait for the group discount quote showing your savings 

Next, your group training service provider will email you a quote showing the amount of savings for buying in bulk. If the quoted price is within a range that meets your budget, you can purchase immediately. If not, wait until it drops and purchase at that time. 

Step 3: Proceed with the payment

If you are pleased with the group CPR training discounts, proceed to make payment. You must pay in full and confirm your payment information before continuing. Once this is done, you can access your order and download it as a PDF file! Maintain this record for future purposes. 

Step 4: Wait for feedback

After you’ve made the payment and it is accepted, you’ll have to wait for the CPR training provider’s feedback. They will contact you with the date of your group CPR training within one business day. If they need more time to find an available date, they will contact you as soon as possible. You can also email or call them with questions or concerns during this process.

Other considerations 

You should also consider the type of certification you want as a group. If you are looking for an introductory certification, you can apply on behalf of your entire group at once. This is ideal for a corporate setting where everyone in your office may want to be trained, but only some will be willing to go through with a certification exam. 

The number of participants in the program is also another consideration. Groups with more than ten people will often get discounts from larger companies because it cuts down on their administration costs. However, if you have less than ten people in your company, there’s no need to worry about this restriction.


By following these steps, you can get corporate discounts for group CPR training and ensure that your employees are properly trained in case of an emergency. Save up on training CPR training costs today!


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