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Comparing the training of an NFL player with an athlete

The National Football League (NFL) is arguably the most physically demanding sporting league on the planet as it challenges its respected athletes to be in the best shape imaginal to fit their role on the team, whether that be as an offensive threat, a defensive stopper or a differentiating set piece role such as a kicker or punter.

While the NFL regular season is much shorter than other popular sporting leagues such as the NBA, Premier League and MLB, it remains as a core staple for all major US sports and has provided fans with a plethora of outstanding plays and monumental moments that will live on in history.

The NFL also has a knack for produce a wide number of major sports superstar caliber names both on and off the field with the likes of Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Joe Montana, Rob Gronkowski, Aaron Rodgers and Odell Beckham Jr. being among the most popular names among many casual sporting fanatics.

The grandest prize available at this level remains to be the concept surrounding a trip to the annual Superbowl game and winning the Vince Lombardi trophy in the process, a feat that only a few major sporting franchises have been able to conquer.

Franchises who are aiming to compete for a chance to head to the Superbowl must make sure that they make intelligent trades, choose the right names in the upcoming Draft and preserve their talent with training drills that meet their position criteria as well as keeping up to date with their active health and wellbeing.

  • Notable Offensive player training regimen:

Obviously fans of the game will always be aware of who their main star of the team is with the Quarterback position being the most integral part of any football team, as this is the player who will have the ball in their hand for the majority of the game and will be raring to play a long yard pass down towards the endzone in the hopes of picking out their players down the field.

One of the league’s best developing QB’s at the minute is Russell Wilson of the Denver Broncos, a player who burst onto the scene thanks to his impressive offensive play and his work rate which is highlighted with his intense workout routine.

Wilson has added boxing workouts to his regime as well as box jumps, front squats, kettlebell lunges, bench press, Romanian deadlifts, triceps extensions and dumbbell step-ups, rowing workouts as well as speed training to help improve his upper and lower body strength as well as overall reflexes, a key component for any developing QB.

Another wee-affiliated offensive force in the NFL is the legendary tight end, Rob Gronkowski who is mainly seen as a party animal but also remains solely focused in his workout regimen.

Gronk has only recently announced his retirement from the league (which might affect the Buccaneers Superbowl odds in the latest NFL lines) and has enjoyed a hall-of-fame worthy career as well as establishing himself as one of the all-time great players at his position, this is mainly down to his intense efforts in the gym.

As a tight end, Gronk needs to focus on his speed in transition, athleticism when jumping for the ball as well as an ability to shake off opposing defenders which is where his efforts in using battle ropes, dumbbells, pullups and chest moves have all resulted in his body being among the most shredded in the league and as a future first ballot hall of famer.

  • Notable Defensive player training regimen:

While defensive players are often not held in the highest regard as opposed to offensive minded stars, their training regime is often much more solely focused on preserving a strong body build as well as other aspects that are key to their defensive distribution.

Arguably the best defensive player in the game today is the LA Rams Defensive Tackle Aaron Donald, who became a huge star in recent years since his pro bowl debut in 2014 which culminated in his dazzling performance at Superbowl LVI where the Rams defeat the Bengals in their home stadium.

Donald has shed further insight into his workout which includes drills focused on improving his footwork and pass-rush, his workout also consists of 300 reps ranging from the likes of side planks to crunches.

It no wonder why Donald is constantly praised as one of the best in the game today and widely remarked as being one of the best athletes on the planet for his incredible dedication to keeping his body in tune.

Athletes competing in the NFL must always keep their body in check as this is a very demanding and physical sport unlike most others.

Maintaining a great balance in diet and fitness can be a struggle depending on what position these star names aim to play, yet the rewards are certainly worth the risk as the concept of playing in a league of the NFL’s stature is a huge lure for any worthy football phenomenon.


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