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How to store and preserve electronic equipment?

Whether at home or in the office, everyone has those electronic devices that are sitting somewhere. In addition to occupying spaces that could be better used, leaving appliances anywhere can compromise their functioning in the long term.

Today, we’re going to show you the best way to store your electronic equipment safely, to ensure its durability. Follow the instructions below

Dry and Cool Places

One of the factors that reduces the useful life of electronic equipment is the influence of the environment in which they are stored. When choosing where to store your appliances, always choose dry and cool places, avoiding environments such as basements and attics. Moisture can oxidize the equipment’s internal components, while temperature variations can damage them.

Keep electronics away from the sun

Sunlight can damage objects such as musical instruments and appliances, and in the case of electronics, it could not be different. Solar radiation can damage the external part of the device, compromising its appearance. In addition, strong sunlight subjects the device to sudden temperature variations, also impairing its durability.

Watch out for the water!

So fundamental in our lives, water is the main enemy of electronic devices. Contact with liquids will cause short circuits in addition to oxidation. Don’t store your devices in places that can be flooded or hit by rain, and avoid placing them on the ground so they don’t get hit by it.

There are also some tools you can use in your wires equipment that help to protect against water and dust, like the waterproof wire connector, it prevents water to ruin your wires and cables, giving your equipments quality and safety. 

Don’t let dust get into your electronics.

Another factor that damages devices a lot is dust. In addition to damaging the exterior, dust can also disrupt operation, especially fragile components such as computers. Dust can also accumulate in the air vents of equipment, causing overheating.

Pack everything correctly

Ideally, even under favorable conditions, electronic equipment should be stored in boxes. This ensures that they are transported and moved safely and better protects them from external influences. If possible, use the boxes that the devices came in.

As with moving, it is also important that they do not move inside the boxes, as this way what could protect them will damage them even more. Fill empty spaces with styrofoam, burlap or newspapers. It is also worth reinforcing security with good old bubble wrap

Special attention to the cables

Often, the wires in an appliance are what cause it to malfunction. This is because they may have been damaged during storage. You can avoid this with some precautions when storing your electronic equipment.

Avoid looping the cable around very small parts, such as fonts or video game controls: the best option is to always loop the cables in larger radiuses and keep them together with tape, for example. And most importantly: never try to bend them!

Keep electronic equipment turned off

If you are going to store your devices at home, always keep them disconnected from the socket or power sources, to avoid electrical spikes, which can cause serious damage to the device’s circuits. In the case of equipment that uses batteries, it is interesting to remove them before storing, which ensures greater durability.

Opt for the security of self storages

Most of the time, the necessary space to store these electronic equipment with little (or no) use at home or in the office is lacking. In these cases, consider using self storage. This solution offers private boxes, built to properly store any object, offering all the ideal temperature conditions and external effects (except for some restrictions such as perishable goods).

This is a safe option that respects the customer’s privacy, as only he has the key to the box where his belongings are kept. The spaces are tailored according to the needs of the users. To learn more about self storage, visit the Brasil Storage website!

Knowing how to preserve your little-used electronic equipment is essential. That way you can use them for longer and when you need them most, not to mention the damage that can be avoided.



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