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octavio ocaña

octavio ocaña

Mexican actor octavio ocaña Augusto Pérez Ocaa (born November 4, 1942) is a veteran of the silver screen. s most notable role was Benito in the television series Vecinos. His versatility as an actor was well known, and he was…

Octavio Ocana Died in a Freak Accident

The family of Octavio Ocana has denied this, saying that the accident was an accident. Ocana was famous for his role as Benito Rivers in the Argentine film Vecinas. Octavio Ocana In recent years, Octavio Ocana has acted in several…

Octavio Ocana

Octavio Ocana was born in Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico. He rose to fame as Benito Rivers on the popular television show Neighbors. He landed this role almost by accident. Interestingly, Ocana started acting in television at the early age of five….