One of the most important aspects for a company to take into account is their packaging design. It may be one of your first experiences with someone’s brand. It can create an impression about who you are or how much money you have. 
Packaging designers are always trying to find ways to make people want something. The packaging designer wants the customer to have a good experience before they buy anything. And this makes it cheaper for the company when they handle logistics. 
Now we know that eCommerce is important. But it can never be like the store where you can see products in person. But at the same time, there are some things you need to adapt. There may not always be a store near by for people to go into. So we must change our products so they work for online shopping too. 
This is why packaging designers must put a lot of thought into their work and how it uses in outside the store. We have an opportunity to change things up because eCommerce is now dominating the market. 
1. Minimalism is a trend that will dominate the design in 2021. The best tones to match with this kind of look are neutral and natural shades, which means we’ll see more beige colours, browns, off whites, light blues everywhere. This helps establish a strong brand image while also balancing out any bold colour combinations on your computer screen or at home. Designers will move away from flat design in 2021, except the recent trend of micro-interactions and moving elements (like animation). Minimalism is a perfect balance for flat. Because then you aren’t looking at an empty canvas while using your product. 
The most suitable niches to adopt this trend would be pharmaceutical companies, food and beverage brands, or even home products. Brands that use natural tones are able to create a more authentic experience. they also use custom printed boxes which give an opportunity to the customers to have their own designed packaging. For example, coffee brewing companies could promote the feeling of warmth and relaxation. through their imagery or food industries they will see as providing healthy options with organic colours. 
2. Texture Packaging: Sensory experiences are something that we couldn’t do without. When we touch something, this activates a part of our subconscious minds. This helps us thrive involving emotional connections. 
The sensation of feeling something can invoke a certain emotion for an individual. Think about it this way. When you touch leaves or grass, you’re automatically infused with serenity and freshness. Touching old papers might make one feel nostalgic. It reminds them of what they used to have, and now it is gone forever because they are getting old. 
With textured packaging, you can increase the appeal that your product has for customers. When it comes to high-end products, embossed labels or glossy appearances are what many people look for in a premium package. 
The idea is to maintain a complete brand presence, and textured packaging can really bring that out. The skincare industry is beginning to include this trend. It also agrees with the idea behind the making of how skin products?. 
3. Bold And Illustrative Packaging Design: An illustration can help you communicate a message, bring out your product’s appeal and promote an emotional connection. Your customers will be able to see themselves in the drawing because it is unique just like them. 
In 2021, illustration will combine with a bold and modern design. Minimalism is not the only thing that is going to exist on packages. The idea here is to make it engaging so that customers can interact with it and enjoy their shopping experience at your store. 
4. creativity and story telling packaging: If there’s one thing that is certain, it’s the power of storytelling. There are so many people out there who would rather watch a movie or hear an exciting story than do anything else. People captivate what they see when they come to your house. Some people feel that after meeting you, their lives have changed in some way. 
The emotional side of consumers is so strong that it can override the logical reasoning. If you don’t tell a story with your packaging design, there will be no interest of people. It is captivating and interesting without any narrative attached to it. 
Now your packaging design can be as unique and artistic as you are. You can tell the story of how you got started. Or, you can tell what values mean most to you while still staying true to your brand’s aesthetic. 
for example: This packaging for Mugnaio Flour shows a sequence of events that are present with simple typography and illustrations. It walks the reader through the process of creating wheat, step by step from harvesting to milling flour. This kind of storytelling also allows anyone who views it to empathize more deeply with their cause. Which strengthens bonds between consumers and brands like this one. 
5. There’s a lot to say about vintage packaging, and we’re not just talking old fashioned designs. this is the 5th trend for 2021 will involve reusing what has come before us in order to make something new. 
its all about tradition and not just the type of paper that you wrap your product with, but also how to design it. From font selection to colours, this whole look is vintage. Some people are using linen sheets to wrap up presents. This is a good trend because you can use it in many situations. Some people even use it for weddings. 
The brands are using their vintage packaging design from Stilly CBD to make a better brand. This will help people feel more grounded and believe in the company more. 
The clock is set for the future. With these packaging design trends on point for 2021, for what you are waiting. These trending features will bring a fresh and modern look that your brand needs along with custom packaging solution. Look out world – it’s time to get with the times now more than ever before. 


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