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How to Perform 5GHz Network Setup Of Dlink DIR 882 WiFi Router?

The d-link dir-882 is a wireless dual-band Gigabit router that delivers high-speed network connectivity surrounding the home. The network connectivity is fast & more reliable than the other device. Every type of client device is easily connected to this network device. Just using the single password and securely connect the client device to the network connectivity of this router. Additionally, the dlink DIR 882 Wifi router delivers the network range of AC2600. The 1722Mbps wireless network signal is built-in in the 5GHz network. Additionally, the 800Mbps is equipped in the 2.4GHz network. The two networks are built-in in the router that enhances the wireless network connectivity.  With the high-speed network connectivity, you seamlessly enjoy 4K streaming videos, online gaming, simultaneously with 4 × 4 streams. 

Furthermore, the high-gain 4 antennas are built-in in the dir-822 wireless router that amplifies the wireless range. A dual-core processor is also available that increases the wireless network connectivity. If you wish to enhance the network connectivity in a quick manner then you should configure some settings of this router. By using http //dlinkrouter.local you can quickly configure the setting of this wireless router. 

Why is it necessary to configure the 5GHz network of the d’link DIR 882 WiFi Router?

The d-link wireless networking router provides high-speed network connectivity in the entire home. You can easily access the wireless network signals in all the rooms of your home house. For some other routers, you can only access the network connectivity in one room. But with this room, you can simply get the high-speed network range in all the rooms. Because the dual-band network technology is built-in. The dual-band network of this router supports 2.4GHz and 5Ghz networks. This network is most important to enjoy seamlessly streaming videos, fast downloading, & high-speed gaming consoles. To enjoy high-speed gaming< seamlessly video streaming, & fast downloading you can configure a 5GHz network. Because the 5GHz network delivers high-speed network connectivity than the 2.4GHz network. Then to enjoy the wireless signals you should configure this network. 

Perform 5GHz Network Setup Of D-link DIR 882 WiFi Router

The 5GHz network of this networking router delivers 1722 Mbps wireless network signals. Then with these signals, you can easily enable streaming, high-speed gaming, & fast downloading. If you wish to configure this setting then you should follow some steps.

Connect the computer to the D’link router network 

To configure the 5GHz network you have to connect the computer to the stable network. This router has a stable & more reliable network. You can easily connect the computer to the router with the Ethernet cable. The four Ethernet port is built-in on the back panel of this router. After that, you can unplug the router from the power supply if it is plugged. Then, you can plug the cable into the available Ethernet port of this router & computer. After that, hold the power button and power it up now. 

Access home page of dir-882 wireless router

After connecting the computer to the network, you can open the web browser that installs on your computer device. You can enter http://dlinkrouter and access the login page. In the password field, input the admin and properly log in to the account. After that, it will redirect the home page of this router and easily configure the 5GHz network. 

Configure Wi-Fi Network name & password

To configure the d’link dir 882 5ghz setup, you should configure the network name & password. In the setting of this router, you choose the Wi-Fi option. After that, click the advanced setting and configure the 5GHz network. If this network is diable then you can enable the option and properly enable the network. In the network name & password field, you can simply know the name & password. If you wish to change then click this field and accurately change it. 

Select the Wi-Fi channel, 802.11 modes, & security mode

After configuring the network & password, you should configure the security mode to protect the device from malware software. You can click the security mode option and then select the optimum & correct security. To fully protect the device, you can select WPA2-personal security. Next, you can select the mode. To enhance the network connectivity, you can select the 802.11 modes. Lastly, select the Wi-Fi channel. To properly maintain the wireless signal, you can select the CH 153 wi-fi channel in the drop-down list. Now, the 5GHz network setting is properly configured and you access high-speed wireless network signals in the whole home.

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