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Can PixLink WiFi Range Repeater Amplify Every Device Range & How?

The wireless network signals of the standard router, access point, cable modem, and other devices are not suitable in the long-range area. In the long-range area, the network connectivity is slow or poor. The user client’s device keeps disconnecting with this device’s network connectivity. In the long-range area, the user thinks to amplify the network range of this device. To amplify the range of these devices, a powerful network device is needed that can easily connect to every device and expand the range. Then, for all the devices you install the PixLink WiFi Range Repeater device. Because the network signals are speedy & faster than the traditional router, access point, & other devices. This device is easily connected to every type of network device if the device is wired or wireless. 

Moreover, the four external antennas are built-in on the top surface of this extender. The external antennas absolutely expand the network range than the internal antennas. In other words, the external antennas properly create the new & powerful network signals. To achieve high-speed network connectivity, you should maintain the speed of this device. To maintain the speed, you should configure a wireless setting. Just use the default ip of this device and access the pix link login page. You can log in to the account and visit the setting. After that, you can simply configure the wireless setting. 

Can PixLink WiFi Range Repeater amplify every device network range? 

 The Pix-link wireless repeater device is completely designed to amplify the network range of your existing device. In the long-range area, you are facing buffering signals with a wireless router then you can simply eliminate these signals with the network connectivity of this repeater device. The network signals are more stable, faster & very reliable than the router & access point device. Of course, the Wireless Range Repeater device amplifies the range of each device.

You can connect your device to the range repeater device in 2 ways, one wired and one with a WPS button. The two Ethernet ports are established on the bottom panel of the repeater device. Then, you can easily make the connection without any hassle. Just apply the Ethernet cable into an available port of the repeater device as well as your standard device. After that, the wired connection is ready and the network signals are completely amplified. Furthermore, the wireless connection is easier than the wired connection. In this connection, just press the WPS button for a few seconds. The smart LED indicator status is green and the connection is established.

Amplify the existing device network range with PixLink WiFi Range Repeater

The wireless repeater device accurately amplifies the existing device network signals. But you must be thinking about how to increase the range of the existing device with a range repeater device. Then, for this, you should follow some steps and accurately amplify the network range.

Make a connection between the repeater & standard router

To amplify the network range of your standard router, you should make the connection between both devices. Without making the connection, you cannot amplify the network range. You can make a connection with this device in 2 ways. To stay connected to the device & high-speed network signals you should make a wired connection. Because the wired connection is more secure than the wireless connection. The wireless connection keeps getting disconnected again and again due to which the user has to face the no internet issue. For this, you can use an Ethernet cable and carefully apply it to the available Ethernet port of both devices. Then, tune On the power of your router & repeater. After that, verify the connection. 

Configure the wireless setting of a repeater device

To manage the network range of your range repeater device, you should configure the wireless setting. The wireless setting is most important to amplify the network range. To configure the wireless setting, you should use the default ip of this device. Then reach the login page and log in to the repeater. After that, visit the setting of this repeater networking device. In the setting, you will find out the wireless setting option. Just click this option and configure the network. You can also configure the security encryption, wireless channel, & internet connection. You can choose a PPPoE internet connection to access high-speed network connectivity. 

Verify the firmware of PixLink WiFi range repeater device

If the firmware of the range repeater device is outdated then the network range is not amplified of your traditional router network range. To amplify the range, you should confirm the firmware version. Just visit the advanced setting of the repeater device by using In this setting, you accurately find the firmware upgrade option. Under this option, you completely find the firmware. If this version is outdated then you can upgrade it by using the new firmware file. 

Ensure the repeater device position 

If you wish to amplify the network range of your traditional router in the proper manner. Then, you should ensure the position. Because sometimes the position of your router & repeater device is too far away, due to which there is no connection between them. To enhance the network connectivity of your standard router & access point device. You can select the position of this device that is too close to the repeater. If you place your device near the range repeater then you will get high-speed network signals. This is the best way to amplify the network signals of your device with the repeater device. 


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