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How to Enable Smart Connect Feature On Synology rt2600ac Router?

The Synology rt2600ac router is equipped with an inbuilt 1.7 GHz dual-core processor as well as 512 MB DDR3 RAM that enhances the performance. The four outer omnidirectional antennas render the signal up to 3000 square feet. It supplies the wireless speed of 2.53 GBps that offers you to stream 4K videos, HD games, and much high-end stuff. The dual WAN technology guards the device against failover by maintaining the load. The compelling traffic monitoring tool will grant you to configure the priority to the specific bandwidth and thereby, advance the user’s gaming and video streaming experience. 

Utilizing the multimedia add-ons, this device can be switched into an entertainment hub with DLNA home devices. Just browse and enjoy the stored video and music. Content filtering and parental control features protect your children from accessing the authorized content simply by blocking the websites. Layer 4 and 7 accelerated engine controls and monitor the upcoming traffic. The user-friendly login interface will permit you to set up the device easily within two to three minutes. Now we tell you the steps to enable the Smart Connect feature on Synology rt2600 wireless router.

How to Enable Smart Connect Feature On Synology rt2600ac Router?

The Smart Connect feature offers to connect to many SSID with a shared network setting for both bands by your device. However, the SRM will identify you to switch between those bands. To enable the smart connect feature, you need to first access the login page. For that, follow these straightforward steps. 

Step 1

Firstly, connect your rt2600ac WiFi router to your PC or laptop employing an ethernet wire. Connecting the WiFi for setup will lead to losing connection and the setup will interrupt. 

Step 2

Open a browser and typewrite or in the explore box. The login interface presents two blank sections. Now type the default username along with the passcode. If already registered, then type the passcode and username you modified. The web management page opens.

Step 3

Afterward, chase the WiFi connect option and then move to the wireless option under that. Now select the WiFi option and enable the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz auto selection option. Define the settings for the Smart connect to the network. Look for the Advanced option and click it to modify more. Now utilize the WiFi-enabled device to scan and join the Synology router network. Now we tell you the various methods to reset the rt2600ac Synology router.

How to Reset the Synology rt2600ac Router?

You can reset the rt2600ac device in two ways. It is by doing the software reset and hard reset. Now follow these steps to do the soft reset.

Software Reset

To do the soft reset, you need to access the login page. Launch a browser and typewrite the official website or in the explore box. The login window reveals two empty segments. On that segment, type the default username as well as a passcode. If already registered, then fill in the passcode and username you customized. The web management page presents. Now find the reset choice. Click that option and your device will reboot after illuminating the lights frequently. It will reset your passwords.

Hardware Reset 

To do the soft and hard reset, you need a pencil or pen-type object to hold the reset button. Now force that object into the reset button for four to six seconds to do a soft reset. A soft reset will swap the password you modified into the default one. To do the hard reset, you need to force the object for ten to twelve seconds and swap the rt2600ac device into a fresh one. The Synology router rt2600ac reset will swap all the modified settings you made to the default factory

Final Words

Reviewing this router after 3 weeks of purchase. It works excellent till now. It arrives with an inbuilt compelling processor as well as RAM that enhances the performance. The four external omnidirectional high gain antennas pass the signal up to 3000 square feet. The dual WAN properties shield the device from failover by supporting the load. The powerful traffic monitoring tool will allow you to configure the preference to the particular bandwidth and thereby, advance the user’s gaming and video streaming experience. Overall, a very good experience using this device. I must suggest all the users willing to purchase should buy for home and office purposes.


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