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How To Set Up Internet Connection Of Tplink WiFi Range Extender?

If you are troubled by the network range of the wireless router, then you cannot enjoy high-speed network connectivity. If you want to enjoy high-speed network signals then you should use a range-extended network device with your traditional router. In the modern era, many networking devices are available that easily enhance the router network signals. To amplify the network range of your router, you should install a Tplink WiFi range extender device. Because it completely supports many devices such as a computer, laptop, standard router, access point, cable modem, smart TV, mobile phone, and more. The network signals are more reliable than the standard router. With the network range of the extender device, you can easily amplify the router’s wireless network signals.

Moreover, The external antennas are built-in on the top surface of the tp-link extender that generates new wireless network signals. If you wish to maintain the network signals of this device then you should manage the advanced & wireless settings. By using you can easily configure the wireless & advanced setting in a quick manner. After that, the wireless network signals are secure & more stable. 

Why is it necessary to set up an Internet connection for the Tplink WiFi Range Extender?

The tp-link extender absolutely wireless range extended device that enhances the network connectivity of every device. To enhance the network connectivity of your wireless router, cable modem, access point, & other devices the range extender device is needed. But in the middle, the network connectivity is slow then the user faces an issue. To manage the network connectivity of this device you should perform the setup. The setup is necessary to manage the wireless speed. If you do not set up this device then the network signals will be weak so that you will not be able to do video streaming gaming and fast downloading. To set up the internet connection is necessary to properly amplify the network connectivity.

Set Up Internet Connection Of Tplink WiFi Range Extender

The setup of the wireless range extender device is simple & quick. Every extender user easily performs the setup of this device in a quick manner. If you wish to perform the setup in a quick way then you can follow some steps. 

Power On the range extender device

To perform the setup of the range extender device you should power it up now on this device. Before powering ON the device, you should choose the optimum position of this device. If the position is not correct then you cannot perform the internet connection setup. The optimum position of this device is near the standard router. Then, take an AC adapter & power cable. You should plug the power cable into the available power DC port of this extender. Then, attach the AC adapter to the power supply & press the button of this power supply. After that, you should carefully hold the power button and properly turn On the power. 

Connect to the host network 

After ON the power of the range extender device, you should connect the extender device to the host network. You can connect the extender to the host network by using two ways. The first way is the WPS button and the second way is a web browser. 

Method 1:  using the WPS button

To set the internet connection with the WPS button, you should select the position of your host router as well as the range extender. You should place these devices very close to each other for a successful connection. Then, you should find the WPS button of your host router & extender. In the range extender, the WPS button is established on the front surface. But in the wireless router, the PS button is available on the back surface. Just press the WPS button of your tp-link extender device. Under 2 minutes, you can also press the WPS button of your host router. The LED light status of your router is green and internet connectivity properly sets it up.

Method 2:  using a web browser 

To set up the internet connection of the range extender device with a web browser, you can connect your computer device to the network of this device. On the same computer, you have to launch a web interface and enter You can enter the admin details & log in to the repeater account. After that, you should verify the wireless setting of this device. In the end, click the save button and save this setting. 


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