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How To Troubleshoot Basic Issues Of Asustor Network Storage Device?

Big companies have a lot of data, which companies have to keep for a long time. Companies save these data on their computer and laptop devices. But the meetings of big companies keep going out and in these meetings, they need data. So in such a situation, it becomes very difficult for companies to access the data. Because our devices are in companies, then we are not able to access the data. If you want to access the data remotely from anywhere, then you can save your data in a device from which you can access the data remotely. To remotely access the data you can install an Asustor Network storage device. Because you can access the data with this device anywhere without any hassle.

Moreover, this storage device comes along with a default login ip & password. Just use this information & quickly access the data. Additionally, the storage capacity of this device is 4 times better & more than the computer & laptop device. You can also perform the asustor setup by using the storage device’s IP address. This default ip is more useful & important for the network-attached storage device. But to remotely access the files & documents, your device is connected to the network. 

What are the basic issues of the Asustor Network Storage Device?

The Asustor NAS device is easily connected to windows 10 & mac devices. Then, you can easily share the files & documents from the windows 10 & mac devices. The Ethernet LAN port is built-in in this device that easily makes the connection with any device. Occasionally, the asustor NAS is not working then the user faces some issue. There are some basic issues with the network-attached storage device.

  • Files & documents not accessing remotely
  • WiFi network is not connect
  • LEDs light flashing orange
  • Not responding
  • Storage device not turning ON

Some solutions about Asustor Network Storage Device basic issues

Sometimes, if the storage device is not operating or working then the user faces a lot of issues. This basic issue is very common, you can try to resolve this issue manually. To fix these issues easily, you follow some steps.

Using correct login IP & password to access the files

If you remotely access the files & documents then you should verify the default login IP & password. Because if you use the wrong login password then you will not be able to access the document. If files and documents are not being accessed remotely then it means that the password you are using is wrong. The password you are using, you should remove that password and use the correct password. With the right password, you can truly get the files & documents. If you are using the correct password but the files & documents are not accessible then the issue is network connectivity. If the network connectivity is not attached to the storage device then you cannot get the document & files remotely. For this, you ensure the network connectivity & properly connect to the network connectivity. 

Using the wired connection to connect the network

The WiFi network is a must for network storage devices. If this network is not available then you cannot remotely access the files & documents. If you want to get documents from anywhere, then you should keep your storage device connected to the network. But sometimes, the issue comes when the storage device does not connect to the network. To determine the issue, you should establish the connection. If you are using a wireless connection then you can remove this connection. You can use a wired connection rather than the wireless connection. Because wired connect delivers high-speed network signals. On the back panel of the storage device, the LAN port is built-in then you can securely make the connection. 

Verify the firmware version 

Sometimes the LED light status of the network-attached storage device is changed & unfortunately it is not working. If the LED light status is orange that means a new version is available for this storage device. To resolve the LED light issue, you should verify the version. To check the version, you can go to the setting and verify the system tools option. Because inside the system tools, you will get the option of firmware upgrade. You can smoothly click this option and accurately verify the version. If the new version is available then you can instantly upgrade it. 

Reposition the Asustor Network Storage Device 

Many times the issue comes that the computer device is not connected to the storage device due to which the user is not able to share his documents. If the windows 10 or Mac device is not connected to the storage device then you should verify the cable. Because there are many such bad cables due to which the connection is not known. To fix the issue, you should properly check all the cables that you are using. If the cable is broken in starting & middle then you can unplug it into the storage device and use another cable. 

Power cycle the storage device 

If the network-attached storage device does not save the files & documents then you should check the issue. To fix the issue, you can power cycle the device. You can easily power cycle this device. To power cycle the device, you should check all LED light statuses. Then, you can verify the power button and hold it for a few seconds. Then the LED light is off and the device is also turned off. After some minutes, you can also turn ON the device and verify the status. 


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