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Engaging Virtual Christmas Party Ideas in 2021

Every year, winter marks the inception of Christmas and New year vibes. Christmas is a joyful period where people send gifts, surprises & presents, sing carols, and have a gala time together. But, since most of the festivals, celebrations, and parties are happening over the Internet, a virtual Christmas event is no exception. 

There are several virtual event platforms that can integrate multiple tools and innovations to host engaging and memorable virtual Christmas parties. To add more fun and to your online celebration, let us walk you through some exciting ideas for a virtual Christmas party;

  • Christmas Costume Dress-up

Festivals are one of those awaited occasions where people get excited to dress up in their best costume. Keeping a thematic Costume is an excellent way to add more charm to your virtual Christmas party. It will keep your attendees super excited and thrilled. Participants can choose to wear a Santa hat, a reindeer antler, an Elf costume, and more to excite the festive vibes. You can keep a healthy competition and choose to reward the attendees with the best costume. It is an effective way to recreate the experiences of an in-person party or festival celebration.

  • Virtual Christmas Photobooth

Virtual photobooths is a super creative online Xmas party idea that can help create a unique and memorable event experience. These online photobooths allow the attendees to capture multiple photos with their families, friends, or pets. It is a great way for attendees to take exciting memories home!

  • Send Christmas Gift Boxes

Sending surprise gift boxes to your employees is a remarkable virtual office Christmas party idea. Christmas celebrations are around the corner, and everyone is busy making arrangements to make their virtual festival unique and bizarre. Preparing a gift box with a personalized note, pen, or mug will help you make your attendees feel special. Consider sending this bunch of happiness at least 4-5 days in advance. You can also use this as a way of sending invites to your employees or potential attendees. 

  • Virtual Secret Santa

When we talk about online Christmas party ideas, virtual secret Santa is a must. Christmas celebrations are all about making merry, spreading love, joy, and happiness. And, Santas are meant to make everyone’s Christmas more enjoyable and memorable. For an online Christmas party, you can use an online listing of the names or randomly allocate one name to each attendee to whom they should be sending gifts. Later, to make this more impressive, you can keep a short duration of 15-20 min where everyone would unwrap their gifts in front of everyone. 

  • Virtual Holiday Team-Building Activities

Hosting a super engaging Christmas party for your remote employees is an excellent way to recreate the experiences of a face-to-face celebration. Including activities like R&R shows, virtual town hall meetings, or Christmas quizzes are some unique ideas for a virtual Christmas party. These interesting team-building activities help reinforce the organizational culture and make the attendees feel united even after residing in different locations.

  • Sing Christmas Carols and Songs

Carols are an important aspect of Christmas celebrations or parties. We all know that Christmas party nights are incomplete without carols. So, imagine how joyous would it be if all the virtual attendees can sing their favorite Christmas songs or carols together. 

  • Virtual Scavenger Hunt

A virtual scavenger hunt is an exciting game that can keep the attendees involved for a longer time. This activity is quite similar to a “show and tell” game. It is a great way to make your virtual Christmas event more entertaining. To make this more interesting, you can ask your participants to look for items related to Christmas. It can include items like a winter coat, an antique piece, a horrifying present, a family photo, etc. 

  • Name That Tune

Another incredible online Christmas party idea that helps boosts attendee engagement. This activity involves playing a Christmas song on popular apps like Spotify or Apple Music that should be guessed by the attendees. To make this more fun, you can divide the participants into small groups and begin the game. The team to guess the maximum number of songs wins the activity. 

  • Christmas Charity Donations

With everyone enjoying the festive vibes, do not forget to contribute your part in lighting up someone else’s festival too. Event planners can add a fundraiser event that will enable attendees to make their part of contributions. These small contributions are a great way to make the less privileged feel special and enjoy the festival just like the others.

  • Virtual Gratitude Ceremony

We have been always schooled about being grateful or bestowing gratitude to our seniors and elders. So, why not include this as a unique Xmas party idea to make your online celebrations more value-yielding. Be it a workplace, our own homes, friends, or colleagues we learn a lot from everyone. So, how about making the most of this Christmas event and expressing gratefulness to all of them who teach us new things or inspire us every day.

  • Virtual Talent Show

While everyone is immersed in the mood of the music, dance, and other entertainments, you can include an amazing talent show that can spice up virtual celebrations. You can invite an incredible musician, singer, stand-up comedian, dancer, or perform that can provide unforgettable event experiences. With an excellent performer on board, you can get your attendees to groove and tune in to the festive spirit.

Final Word

Virtual Christmas celebrations are excellent occasions to connect and engage with your friends, employees, and colleagues. We understand that with the celebrations happening online, it can get a little tricky to organize and execute these events. Hence, this is why event planners should be very careful while selecting their virtual venue partner. Make sure to take a platform demo and validate if the virtual event solution can meet your event requirements, including fun games and activities to add more spark to your online Christmas party.


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