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How Could Video Recording Increase Customer Engagement?

According to the data, video capturing is still one of the most effective strategies for increasing consumer engagement and sales. However, it is necessary to understand how the online video recorder can increase client involvement.

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1. Create a concept that is centred on the customer.

If you’re a digital marketer or a business owner looking to increase consumer engagement with a video recording, make sure the content of the video includes what your customers or prospects want to watch. Every marketing approach, including video recording, should put your consumer first. When developing your concept, consider how it will appeal to your customers. People are more likely to connect with video recordings that they are interested in and can relate to; as a result, you must ensure that your concept is based on your customer.

2. Immediately capture the audience’s attention

Internet users’ attention spans are brief, and the sooner you capture this attention, the better. When your prospects click on your video clip, they quickly abandon it since the content is uninteresting.

To keep your prospects and consumers interested in your video recordings, get right to the point from the start. Don’t waste time with a pointless introduction. So that before they are distracted by something else, you have already succeeded in conveying the message or information about your goods and services. Also, make sure your video recordings are brief. People tend to lose interest in long videos that lack context.

3. Tell an Engaging Story

Regardless of whether your video recording is intended to promote a product or service, focus on displaying powerful and detailed messaging that your potential buyers can relate to. When you develop an interesting story that appeals to the tastes of your clients, they will engage with your post and patronise your brand. The power of storytelling is immense, and how you portray the material of your film will determine engagement. Make sure your video tells a captivating storey.

4. Incorporate a call-to-action.

You must include a call-to-action phrase or button in your video recording to increase client interaction. After outlining what the customers stand to gain by patronising the brand, you can include a call-to-action phrase that encourages them to act on the new piece of information they just saw in the video, whether in the middle or at the end of the film.

5. Check to see if your video recording is mobile-friendly.

According to Statista, mobile devices produced 54.8 percent of global website traffic in the first quarter of 2021, breaking the 50 percent mark set in 2017. According to these estimates, mobile devices account for more than half of all online activities. To easily reach this big population and increase their connection with your company, make sure your videos are mobile-friendly and suitable.

6. Participate in Video Engagements

You notice that online people are participating in your video recordings after you post them, either to share their ideas or to ask questions. Make sure you respond to these inquiries and comments, and that you value their feedback. This will go a long way toward increasing interaction with subsequent films you post online.

Furthermore, when your brand responds to customers, this group of customers feels important and cherished. They understand that you are proud to be linked with them and that you are developing a sense of belonging. When you read through the comments and engagements, it helps you plan how to develop and generate material for the next video, as well as how to better serve them.

7. Use Captions and Subtitles That Can Be Read

Another technique to increase client engagement with video is to provide clear and viable captions in your films. You can add captions and subtitles to your video recordings using an online video recorder like NinjaCapture. Your audience may miss the audio or some lines in the video at times, but with the caption, they may read through and gain a better grasp of the film’s content.

Conclusion: We hope you enjoyed this article on how to use video recording to increase customer engagement. To learn more about the benefits of doing so, please fill out our contact form or follow us on social media today.


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