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TikTok Ads: Simple Methods To Develop Your Subscription Box

If you want to discover how to utilize ads on TikTok to sign up a large number of subscriber count to your subscription box, then this post is for you.

Investing time and energy into understanding this platform will undoubtedly result in an acquisition channel that can be utilized to deliver significant volume to your brand.

Advertising Tricks For Subscription Box


Advertisements on TikTok follow the same rules as on Facebook. TikTok Ads are tricky to shift the needle without an attractive offer. You may find out more about offerings through lots of searching.

On TikTok, the offer is much more crucial than it is on Facebook. It’s because the algorithm of TikTok is still a work in progress compared to Facebook’s. So means you have to make it as simple as possible for the customer to make a purchase choice, and one method to do that is with a tempting offer.

Offers like a significant discount or an enticing gift have been proven to be successful in the past. You must research to find out what your target market wants and then strive to provide it for them. It gets you massive reach with more TikTok fans if you satisfy your target market needs. If the offer is interesting enough, your ideal consumer will sign up right away.


It’s crucial, and you’ll have to conduct some research to find out who your ideal customers are. No matter how good your advertising is, no one will purchase your goods if you don’t target the right audience since you are selling to the incorrect demographic.

TikTok’s targeting choices are divided into three categories.

  • Video types they are interested in.
  • Video types they are interacted with.
  • Creators they interact with.

Based on your industry, the choices you make here may be more precise. So you should concentrate well while choosing the option.

It will be simpler to get started if you have an extensive market offering like a Beauty Subscription.

Don’t be alarmed; additional testing will be required to determine the target audience if this is the case. Testing is critical, and you will not be successful on this network if you are unwilling to do it.

After conducting much research and testing, I have determined that the first point stated above is the important one. Once you’ve nailed it, your advertisements’ results appear to improve dramatically.

Target as broadly as possible and see if it works. It will be easier to expand your profile when you need to spend money to get a broad target to work.

Campaign Structuring

As with Facebook, the same rules will apply here. To put it another way, nine times out of ten, you will choose the conversion goal. It’s the most effective method of purchasing highly targeted traffic. The main distinction between Facebook and Google Ads is the conversion goal you choose.

To date, we’ve discovered that using Add to Cart buttons is the most effective strategy. In my view, TikTok uses attribution for only one session at a time. The conversion won’t be considered until someone makes a purchase as soon as they see your ad.

Ad managers will not show your TikTok advertisements, even if they are receiving a lot of conversions. It significantly impacts the overall payment goal since the ad manager believes the performance is subpar and thus reduces spending or alters the algorithm.

If your goal is to get individuals to add items to their shopping carts, the results will be different because more people will do so during the first session. It increases the amount of data available to the advertising manager and aids in the optimization of the algorithm.

For the time being, I’d recommend running an add-to-cart campaign for around a week before attempting the complete payment method after you have some data. The full payment option will probably be available at some point, but I think TikTok will need time to figure out its attribution mechanism before that happens.

When I’m starting a new campaign, I almost always choose the ABO route. There’s something about it that works better on this system. After that, I’ll sketch out a list of potential target populations. Each ad group will target a different audience if I want to test with five distinct target audiences. Then I make sure that every ad group has between three and four advertisements. It’s crucial since it provides the algorithm with a wide range of options from which to choose.

Concerning deciding on a budget. A daily budget of $20-$25 per ad group is a good starting point. Allowing for more data will help the algorithm become more accurate.

Create Ads That Convert

No advertising, just TikToks, as the company’s tagline encourages users to do. The best-performing advertisements on the network are those that look and feel like they belong there. You should make use of the fact that TikToks fill up the whole mobile device display while posting. Rather than sounding like a typical commercial, your video clips should convey a story.

Your videos don’t have to be perfect, but they should appear authentic. User-generated video content(UGC) is successful because of this. If done right, package opening video content may be pretty powerful.

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