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What exactly should I check when buying a used car? Keep these 6 principles to ensure the condition of the vehicle!

For many consumers, due to budget considerations, they often choose to buy second-hand cars. However, there are many second-hand car dealers in the market, and the situation of uneven quality is quite serious. In addition, there are many types of second-hand cars and consumers without relevant professional knowledge are very serious. It’s easy to be deceived. This time, “” sorted out what key points should be paid attention to when looking at a second-hand car.

Appearance and interior

When many consumers buy second-hand cars, the first thing they see is the appearance and interior. But for the second-hand car dealers, it is quite basic to arrange the interior and appearance, but these only cost 20,00 to 30,00 RM. It is self-organized to look like a new car, so if consumers only look at the exterior and interior to determine the car’s condition, it is easy to fall into the trap.check good condition second hand car like PERODUA VIVA

However, professional appraisers will also prepare a paint surface instrument to check whether the paint surface of the vehicle has been re-baked. At the same time, it can also check whether the A and B pillars have been repaired to ensure that the car has not suffered major damage to the body structure. In an accident, when it is found that the thickness of the paint surface is not long, it is very likely that it has been bumped.

Don’t be superstitious about mileage

The general public is very concerned about the mileage of a used car, but in fact, low mileage does not mean that the car is in good condition, and many unscrupulous manufacturers will tamper with the mileage. Unless the car has a fairly complete original warranty information, otherwise the mileage will be limited. Just as a reference.

However, at present, the supervising company will be forced to log in the mileage during the vehicle inspection, and the app can also check the mileage during the vehicle inspection to prevent the industry from taking the opportunity to tamper with it. If consumers have doubts about the mileage, they can go to the supervision station to check the mileage with the dealer. Count, find that there is tampering, you can directly sue the other party.

Check if it is a water tanker (simple)

The soaking car is one of the most important situations to be avoided in second-hand cars, but it is also a bit difficult for consumers to conduct multi-professional inspections. For this, we provide basic soaking car inspection items, mainly observing the door frame, carpet and spare tire of the luggage compartment. Remove the rubber strips to check for mud, sand or water stains. I recommended good condition car like cam placer x

Check whether the body structure has been overhauled

After opening the engine room, you can observe the straight beams, beams, etc. of the front of the car. If you see traces of welding or sheet repair, the car is likely to have had a serious accident. The traces of welding are quite obvious and will be different from the surroundings. The sheet repair is corrugated. As for the side of the car, the rubber strip must be opened for inspection, and the rear of the car will focus on whether there are traces of sheet metal repair on the luggage compartment floor to ensure that the car does not have a serious collision.

Whether the engine is leaking oil and the gearbox test

It is necessary to observe whether the engine body is dripping oil. As long as there are large oil drops, it is very likely that the engine has serious oil leakage, but if there are only some oil stains or oil vapor, it is normal. As for the gearbox, the average consumer feels whether the gearbox shifts smoothly during the test drive.

In addition, switch after parking. When the engine is started, step on the brake while not letting go of the brake, shift to R, D, and other low-speed gears in sequence, then to R, and finally to P. , If it is a manual vehicle model, switch to manual mode, raise the gear to the 2nd gear, and observe whether there is abnormal vibration when the gear is switched.

When in the store, you can also open the hood for a static test. First turn on the air conditioner and adjust it to the lowest temperature. Observe whether there is noise in the running engine. Will it vibrate too much? If the vibration amplitude is great, it may be the engine feet. Or the life of the gearbox foot is approaching, which is not a small expense and must be paid attention to.

It’s very important to hear the sound of the test car, don’t pick a good road

Remember to close the audio and power windows when you test on the road to ensure that you can clearly hear the sound. Choose a relatively uneven road section for testing. Use greater vibration to observe whether there is a buckle under the car or in the engine room. If there is a sound, it may be a system failure such as the chassis or the suspension of the shock absorber.

The brake test is also the key. In principle, you should pay attention to whether there is a sharp sound when you step on the brake or the feeling of pulling the steering wheel to confirm whether the brake system needs to be overhauled. In addition, you can turn the steering wheel in place when the red light is on. A low beep means that the power steering gear is worn this ways you can check the car. Also vist the site like in Malaysia for buying good conditions car.


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