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Are there any rules to spy the target devices?

Do you want to spy on someone’s cell phone device like cell phone, and tablet device? Well enough! It may take a lot of manual effort to monitor and control cell phone device, but technology has changed the course of spying on someone’s mobile device. Today, you can make use of the technology, and get to know what is happening on the target device. However, you need to know that every cell phone device has their limitations, and you cannot exceed or ignore the limitations, and requirements. You have to follow the rules to spy on cell phone devices, because cell phones are running with different operating systems. 

Top rules to spy on target cell phone device 

Before you spy on mobile devices, you need to know the basic rules to monitor and track cell phone devices. Here are the following rules you need to know the target device. 

Rule No.1: You need to have the best spy app

Once you have made mind to spy on any cell phone device, you need to have something that enables you to know what is happening on the target device. How come you will spy on your target device? You have to have something for sure to get the job done. Therefore, the first rule is to get your hands on the best phone surveillance application. So, you need to visit the TheOneSpy spy app by visiting its webpage.

Rule No.2: Physical access is necessary for the installation

You cannot spy on your target device if you don’t get physical access to it. Physical access is necessary to install a spy app on the target device. Moreover, none of the spy applications provides remote installation. So, you have to get your hands on the smartphone and start the installation process manually. Without having physical access to the phone is not beneficial to you. So, don’t waste your time and energy, and install a remotely spy app on the target device. 

Rule No.3: The application remains hidden

The rule no third is you need to have a kind of spy software that remains hidden on the target cell phone device. The hidden spy software empowers you to monitor the target device sneakily and remains undetectable. Otherwise, you could face embracement when you are spying on your teen’s cell phone devices. Moreover, your employees can catch you that you are breaching their privacy. So, a hidden spy application is necessary to do surveillance on someone’s cell phone.

Rule No.4: The application should be compatible with the target device

Suppose you want to monitor android and iPhone devices, and then you need to have multiple spy apps compatible with your target device. You can have spy software for android and iPhone monitoring applications. Moreover, spy software can spy on target device OS versions. Otherwise, you cannot track your target device, and you would waste your time and energy.

Rule No.5: Use Feature rich application to spy on target phone 

You can get your hands on the best spy application pack with the traditional and non-traditional set of features. You need to consider the following features, before you spy on the target device. 

Top Features to spy on your target cell phone device: 

Live screen recorder

You can use a screen recording tool on someone’s phone to record back-to-back short videos on the screen and save the data to the online dashboard. Users can watch the recorded series of videos to know what is happening on the target device.


Users can capture screenshots by visiting the online dashboard and schedule plenty of screenshots on the target device screen. Users can send the captured screenshots and images to the web control panel.

Keystrokes logger

You can capture every keystroke on a cell phone keypad and record them to read messages, chats, passwords, and emails.

Social media spy

Social media messenger spy empowers you to read messages logs, chats, voice chats, and media files.

GPS tracker

Users can track the live location of the target device using a spy app tool known as the GPS location tracker.


You need to remember these five rules to spy on your target device. We are sure that you will easily monitor your target device to the fullest.


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